Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Uni of Hertfordshire in SL

Visits to SL uni: 1 (good, in an odd way)

Hurrah! Following visit to RL University of Hertfordshire, revisit SL version again to take companion pics. As can see if compare these ones with RL versions below:

1) SL car park notable for absence of cars, whereas RL car park packed with them. Surely Hertfordshire could run to a few SL vehicles? Cheapskates!

2) RL campus greener, though fact that have been experiencing wettest June for X hundred years could have some bearing here.

3) Cannot arrange self becomingly in foreground of RL photo without great deal of effort. Fear that RL self would not look as fetching anyway. Have not made SL self thin as wand, but even so RL self has more along horizontal axis.

4) In RL if went around with orange merchandise clamped to elbow would soon be taken aside and offered therapy.


Anonymous said...

You deleted my comment?

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

The only comments I deleted were ones that just said "nice blog" and linked to sites that seemed to be spam. If it was a comment about Hertforshire University, I haven't deleted any of those, there are comments from "Anonymous" on 2 other postings to do with Hertfordshire Uni.

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