Saturday, 4 December 2010

More of the same

Screenr captures taken: 1 (good); Screenr captures failing: 1 (bad); Registrations with Mendeley: 1 (good, I think)
Today had 2 meetings, namely the first Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Meeting, in which committed self to various things that will doubtless regret later, and meeting with Pancha to discuss article about SL journal club. Invited her over to the new skating rink and were able to skate, drink and talk about qualitative research all at the same time. During this discovered:
1) That hot chocolate dispenser only dispenses hot chocolate to me, somewhat pointless. Rectified anomoly by putting in Gluwein keg and tray of functioning hot choclate from What Next.
2) That is service called Mendeley that does academic stuff. At any rate have registered for it, and it appears it will aid our research work mightily, if I can work out what it's for.
3) That sometimes Screenr doesn't work. Recorded 5 mins of Pancha and me going round and round rink, and when last looked it was processing the vid merrily, but certainly doesn't work now and also can't download anything. Will give it til tomorrow in case Screenr Fairy was merely sleeping.
As substitute have created v. short Animoto video with some still pics that took of me and Pancha. Here it is. (NB 1st pic, above, shows me talking to a reindeer with a coal tit on its nose, in Noyo. The picture of the VWBPE meeting was just really too dull to post.)

Friday, 3 December 2010


Penguins installed on ice rink: 2 (good); Hot chocolate cabins installed on ice rink: 1 (piping hot); Snowmen installed on icerink: 3 (a nuclear family); Skating poseballs installed on icerink: 7 (v. good); No. of skating poseballs for which you do not have to turn off your AO : zero (bad); Enjoyment gained from skating round and round a virtual ice rink: considerable (sad, or what)

Motivation for blogging only seems to occur when not concerned with Professional Life. So not surprising that suddenly felt urge to blog about new Winter Wonderland have created in bay area of Infolit iSchool. In fact good part of Infolit is now Winter Wonderland, since changed seasons approx. a week ago when felt need to cheer self up after hard work. Autumn colour is gone to be replaced by snow emitters, trees with frost on, snowball givers, ice portals etc. etc. To begin with just changed terrain in mountains but today basically covered whole island with snow. This mirrors RL which has been covered in snow for some days.
Created Screenr/Animoto vid showing self cavorting on and around ice. Used one of the Animoto Seasonal Themes, which has upside that scenery in it looks a bit like the SL scenery I am filming, but that is also a sort of a downside too. Anyway, here it is.

The blog of Sheila Yoshikawa on her adventures in Second Life. This may be very thrilling. Or possibly not.