Wednesday, 11 July 2007

More friends

Friendships offered: 3 (good); Friendships accepted: 2 (good); New people shown office: 1 (good); IMs about B5: 1 (good)

Offer friendship to 2 people from Department and one person who used to work in Dept but is now all-round guru in matters gaming/educational/virtual. Petter Docherty (from Dept) flies in and I show off office.

Now seem to have routine i.e. pointing out noticeboards, photos, animated chairs & cat. Take pic of us both sitting in chairs in front of one of my posters. Looks like we are taking part in play about breakdown of communication in modern society.

Also experience first IMs about Babylon 5 ("five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night") **N.B. non-fans tune out here as will not attempt to decode all B5 references**. Edited highlights (anonymised):
IM1: Hello people, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a B5 rangers uni?
IM2: The Designer For Mutant life is in the process of making some. but no ETA as of yet
IM3: Where? Ranger units in SL?
IM1: i ask every month or so, nothing yet

IM1: I guess I'm an elf for a while longer
IM3: It would be nice to see a Mimbari av.
IM1: too true, I'm not skilled enough to do it myself though
IM3: Same thing here. I once tried to make a Lyta outfit, but it didn't look good. A Minbari skull attachment would be hard to make, but not impossible. An idea would be to use a few prims and a texture. Well, maybe when I learn how to build. ;-) The only thing I built so far was a coffee mug.

Gosh, well, can empathise with that. Must say Lyta wouldn't be my first choice, although obviously has awesome powers. Delenn or Ivanova for me.
2nd photo shows a house that was for sale in rather attractive location, can't remember where now.

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