Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Hair, Conference

Conferences registered in SL: 1 (good); New hair bought: 5 (good and bad); Startling discoveries about eyeballs: 1 (bad)

Have been extending blogging contacts in SL. Have mentioned that contacted person at Bloggers Cafe to ask if could be pictured on cafe wall as blogger. Answer was yes, hurrah, so zip over there and take picture next to picture (top). Note that photo links to my other blog.

See that the 2007 BlogHer conference ("where the women bloggers are") comes up shortly in Chicago. Trip to Chicago out of question, but see is SL option so sign up. In due course receive IM with programme and info on where it is to be held (Hyperstring conference centre). Of course all in USA time, so evening events are in small hours.

Decide that such an event requires critical overhaul of appearance, viz, new hair. Is doubtless v. bad form to go round with original Harajuku Female hair as have been doing. However wish to stay with basic Short Blue approach.

Do search for shops using hair and Japanese hair and hair anime (that being style of hair have in mind). Buy 1st set of hair, which looks too fluffy. Shop around a bit more and in end buy several sets of hair, all on blue/purple spectrum.

In process discover that have been going round for past few weeks with DEMO written across eyeballs, ever since I tried demonstration eyes out in Miriels. Has been hidden by fringe, but becomes startlingly obvious when start removing hair. Replace hastily with standard Harajuku Eyes.

Finally settle with hair (see final pic), but am not 100% sure. Is quite pleasing, but possibly too cute. Of course could cut cuteness factor by removing flower from hair, but am rather entranced by coordinated effect.

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