Monday, 16 July 2007

Drinking on the roof

Visits from Friends: 1 (good); Glasses of champagne consumed: many (good); Box modified: 1 (v. good); Outfits bought in drunken haze: at least 3 (bad)

Receive visit from IH and am able to show off new roof garden, champagne and smoothie maker. Consume several of each, IH also produces BYO wine. Ask opinion about seagull. IH seems to think is OK and likes windchime. Windchime also got special mention from SH the other day, so is obviously Best Buy.

We compare notes re: knowledge of CILIP meetings in SL. Seems strange that 2 meetings have taken place without notifying CILIP Group esp. since (as IH points out) Group is not exactly in the mega-size category. IH is going to Islay (Scottish Island) in RL. Envious.

Can see us in 1st pic. evidently worse for wear as animation that goes with champagne flute is quite enthusiastic, although appears to aim champagne in vicinity of right eyebrow.

After IH departs should log off but instead yield to temptation to Shop. Discover delightful new place to buy kimono (good); fans (mediocre but cheap); Russian sable capelet (judgement reserved on that one); various collections of lacey bits to stick on arms, hair and spine (good value).

Whilst on travels discover Useful Box in ISTE area, which enables people to put in or take out notecards, landmarks etc. Also can be Modified, so take one and customise it in Office colours and stick it on wall (see middle picture).

Finally dress up in glam outfit (ruffles and fur necklet) and drink champagne whilst contemplating rainbow and blue horizon. Feel v. decadent, or perhaps just tired since is well past bedtime.

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