Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Invitation, freebies

Invitations received: 1 (good); Freebies gathered: 3 (good); Opportunities missed: 1 (bad)
Receive IM from UK Educators Group "You are invited to join other educators and friends for a gathering on MCLC 1 and 2 on Thursday evening" (19th): Gives detailed timetable e.g. at 12.45 would be "looking at re-imagining education in light of what we now know about learning and using the new emerging tools and technologies." Alas in RL will be on travels at that point so will not be able to join discussion in Pit or party afterwards as promisied.

Am obviously failing to get into information loop as notice that was discussion in Bloggers Cafe 2 nights ago that looked v. interesting but did not know. As information literate person (allegedly) is naturally v. distressing and must rectify.

Decide to sus out Blogher venue. Travel to Hyperstring Island and pick up exhibition freebies, namely bunch of flowers (see pic) and also 2 business suits for $10 each. Bunch of flowers does not go with outfit. Pity.

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