Sunday, 29 July 2007

Show me the way to go home

Pringles consumed in SL: Countless (bad); Startled awakenings slumped over bar: 1 (bad); Units of alcohol consumed: 0 (good, but makes other items worse somehow)

After computer had crashed out of disco for umpteempth time take it as Sign, and head off. However, before retiring, also decide to revisit IH's home to create Landmark which had omitted to do in rush of excitement. Go home & change into fetching outfit seen on right. Once at IH's, have a look round countryside as have decided will put foot on rung of property ladder quite soon. See various bits of land, do some land searching and then want to tootle home again.

However, seems all travel in SL is out of question. Try teleporting to various shops and own office multiple times. Only get increasingly irritating tinging noise as left flapping arms and feeling idiot.

Somehow feel not right to leave avatar hanging over strange landscape. Therefore gird self for major long distance flight. Even with Large Map difficult to see where one is and in end give this up too as seem to be flying in circles and keep bumping against invisible walls of forbidden land plots.

Finally discover CAN teleport to San Jose State University campus, which seems safe sort of place. Stumble towards deserted bar, waste idle minutes pretending to be barman (i.e. click on BARMAN pose ball and watch hand make wiping movements and disappear into bar top, see pic.) then log out.

When log in next morning find am still alone in bar. Cannot resist Wearing box of Pringles that had picked up free in late night sortie to Blogger's Cafe. In RL have not been able to face Pringles since ate a lot of them one Christmas immediately before going down with violent gastric flu. Two things were unconnected, but unfortunately since then smell of Pringles is wedded to nasty feeling one has immediately before dashing to bathroom.

Try to Sit on bar stool but find have disappeared completely from view. When press Stand Up find am standing on top of grass umbrellas over bar. Very odd. Try Sitting on umbrellas and discover that instead am trapped UNDER umbrella, still stuffing Pringles in mouth, or at least thrusting them in general direction of face. Can just see self in last photo. Since am (as previously established) 6 foot 5 inches tall, umbrellas must be size of barn, or perhaps like Tardis bigger inside than out. Recover self and as Transportation now a viable option, go home to office.

Of course now realise that IH would probably not have minded me sleeping over in her house, thus avoiding sordid bar and Pringles incidents.


Anonymous said...

Sheila, my first visit to your blog. Very funny! Thanks. :-)
Don't think you should make it serious when you start teaching in SL!!

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

You should have stayed over! I would have been delighted. Thanks again for your lovely house warming pressies. I am now stuck under some sort of curfew. No one, it transpires can go anywhere at the moment, I am resorting to making my own furniture....

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