Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Sheila Yoshikawa's shopping tips

People have been asking me about good places to shop (well, actually ONE person has asked, but any excuse). So here are three top tips for shopping delight.

1) Miriel's jewellry. When I visited last night there were 3 nice collections on free offer: in the pic I'm wearing a gold choker from one of them (Photo 1: as usual, click on the thumbnail to see a bigger photo). I've been very happy with the geisha hair ornaments and necklace I'd bought previously. Also I think the store is quite stylish.

2) Vindi Vindaloo. There are some very good items on a table "free" (actually costing $1, but that's almost free) in the women's shop. In particular the Diamond trouser Suit is excellent (Photo 2) and the overskirt from the Diamond gown is the really flouncy black thing that has featured in several previous photos. I found the overskirt combined well with black underskirts from other outfits.

In fact I've found the 2 outfits I BOUGHT less satisfying e.g. the Douceur Rouge is very striking, but the red underskirt makes my bottom enormous, and the Overskirt skirt (seen in 3rd pic) droops down when I sit (whereas the Diamond Day skirt fluffs up prettily). There is less free stuff in the men's shop: shirt and ties and a white tuxedo.

3) White Lily designs. I have found the collection of cashmere cardigans great value (I'm wearing the black one in the first photo and the red one in the third one) and they also have good collections of other basic items (e.g. the white everyday trousers in the third photo, worn under the red skirt so it looks less indecent when I sit down). There is als a free dress near the entrance to the shop.

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