Monday, 22 November 2010


Colours: 52 (challenging)
As usual when doing oodles in SL have had no time to blog same. However can be noted that do appear to have enough time for fashion blog posts here, here and here. These are part of the 52 Weeks of Colour bloggers challenge, started by Luna Jubilee. Each week she announces a new colour and then bloggers fall over themselves to dress up in it, blog and post the pics to Flickr. Or some people signal coolness by declaring how dreadful one would look if one DID dress entirely in said colour, and blog something which is meant to amusingly hint at the colour, in an artful way. However, as can be seen on right, own approach is simply to drape self in variations in colour, in hopes that at least one of the colours is the right one.
Main challenge seems to me in finding 52 different real colours, but even by 3rd week emerges that unreal colours will also feature i.e. this week was goldenrod week. Now, goldenrod is a real plant and is sort of mustardly colour, fading to grungy kind of brown (at least stuff you get in bargain bouquets at Tesco's is). However, colour as set by Luna is sort of pleasant pale honey. Anyway, main benefit is that may discourage spending on new clothes in SL, since have set self a sub-challenge, which is to try and only use existing inventory. Not very difficult, actually, so far grey, blue and goldenrod have been a case of Spoilt For Choice. As you can see, even managed to find golden nail polish.
This is all rather in the line of fiddling whilst Rome burns, as good SL sims are renounced, LL introduces bizarre and unsettling things like display names (so, "sheila.yoshikawa" is now just my username??? but it's my NAME!), and various aspects of the UK public sector teeter on brinks.
But one has to get ones priorities right. And colour-matched nails surely must come pretty high up on anyone's priority list.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Relaxing horseback rides taken: 1 (v. good)
Have felt somewhat stressed out not to mention suffering from what appears to be yet another RL cold, so today decided to insert a little rest and relaxation by exercising a newish purchase, namely Golden Streak the palomino horse.
Had tried out an AKK horse demo before, and been v. impressed, but they are not cheap. However, when Pancha showed me the build she had created for the Vet School at her uni, was reminded about them.
First Dimitrova tried out a demo, and then I took plunge, fulfilling girlhood fantasy of owning a palomino (fantasy actually involved 2 palominos, one of which won Derby, and one the Grand National. At least had realised even as youngster that needed different type of horse for 2 events, but hadn't appreciated that racehorses have to be thoroughbreds and you don't get palomino thoroughbreds)
Anyway, after that quick bit of horse lore, cut to me investing the Lindens in a fine palomino animal with integral bridle and saddle.
Its ears twitch!
It snorts!
It goes clippety clop!
It trots!
It gallops!
It jumps!
It flies!
You can dimount and lead it!
You can get it to pose (rear, paw earth, bow etc.)!
Really do find it strangely soothing to trot through forest or gallop along beach. Is this odd? Anyhow, seem to be reasonable number of other odd folks around, if it is. Here are some arty pictures of same. In first one Golden Streak looks disdainfully at a cow on Drowsy whilst turning his back on a momento mori, and in the 2nd we visit a gypsy encampment on Zigana.

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