Monday, 26 August 2019

Lucky chairs; Nostalgia; Dancing

Free items acquired: 11 (good, on the whole); Time spent dancing in Rare dress: 30 mins (plucky); Av. no. mins spent waiting at lucky chairs etc., per free item, (i.e. total time waiting divided by no. of items): 9 (bad).
See that in last blog post became nostalgic after getting stuck in wall, this time am nostalgic after spending a good 60-90 minutes waiting for lucky chairs to come up with letter "S". Was chasing four poster bed in ChiaMia when saw not only lucky chairs but also Midnight Madness.
Midnight Madness is where if enough people slap the poster, you get whatever gaudy item is on offer, often without having to wait for midnight. Or, from previous experience, you slap the poster and nothing arrives as either item is unattractive, even if free, so not enough people slap, or place offering midnight madness is almost totally deserted and ditto. However in this case, items were OK bordering desirable, and lots of people were bumbling through in search of the four-poster (which was on discount for the Saturday Sale, or possibly the Weekend Extravaganza or some other desperate event aimed to part innocent avatars from their Lindens).

Can be seen in 1st pic waiting patiently for lucky chairs. These chairs had several virtues (1) Not set to group only (2) Only 10 mins before change letter (3)There are 3 of them (4) Reasonable proportion of items were worth having. Ended up with metallic photo frames and 60s vintage stockings which (unusually) included version for classic avatars, so a win. To be honest, more desirable items could have been mine had name begun with B, N, M etc. etc. At one point tried to boot up Firestorm and bring in Dimitrova to claim item that required a D, but unfortunately this crashed computer as was not only already in SL with official browser but also streaming live horse racing in Firefox. Was all a bit too much for the poor Viglan & its graphic card on a hot day. Again certain amount of nostalgia, as in early days of using SL computer would crash ALL THE TIME, but not something to be repeated too often, esp. as am not the world's best Backer Up of Files (in fact doubt whether am even best Backer Up of Files in my corridor).

Waiting for lucky chairs reminded me of great sport of hanging around in B@rerose until you randomly get dropped some strange item "Just for being here". Anyway, TP-ed over and in less that 20 mins had not only been dropped Gear Gloves but also Super Rare Card Dress. Inspired to have grand unpacking, so also scooped up new freeby group gifts from Fancy Decor (cake + patterned boxes) and from someone who does fractal art. Was going to be lazy and leave it without saying who artist was, but hey I took her free art, so at least should look up name [brief pause to dip into SL. Well, SHOULD have been brief, but was obliged to do SL update, sigh, which apparently now allows baked on somethings for the Mesh body and head I don't have. Sigh.] OK, art is by Milly Sharple and the pics are called Navajo, Roses and Lily, think is pretty obvious which are the last 2.
Also decided should wear dress, although not really my kind of thing, since is Super Rare so felt obligation. 2nd pic show me wearing both gloves and dress. Am still not sure what kind of Cards are involved in Card Dress, but it sparkles a bit and is evidently celebratory in some way. 3rd pic shows me wearing Super Rare dress accessorised with G Field boots and old pair of tights in suitably garish colours, also can see bed, a sample metallic photo Frame, 3 free fractal pics, cake and Patterned Boxes, plus geeky book cupboard, and a coffee table from a gacha (was hoping to get the rare house; still a gacha fool after all this time).
Not in pic are Sakura Curtains, 60s Vintage Crew Socks, Gold Minimal Candles and Shit Wall Art. In case of first 3 is because they were successful Midnight Madnesses, whose delivery had been attempted whilst offline/crashed and I hadn't yet worked out how to get them redelivered [answer=go to redelivery terminal, duh]. In final case can't remember whether this omission was because hadn't yet gone for 2nd bout of Lucky Chair stalking or because wall art is exactly what it says it is i.e. item with word s h i t on it, call me old fashioned, but don't think would be adornment for any self-respecting cat cafe.

Such was commitment to Rare Dress that even kept it on when TPed to the opening party for exhibition of Michiel Bechir and Tresore Prada's art (see pic 4) where was much dancing.
However, not sure is right thing for thursday's virtual Worlds Education Roundtable, where will be exploring Multiple Intelligences and need to look a bit less Rare.
In final pic am contemplating SL rezzed wardrobe and thanking my Lindens that actual SL wardrobe in inventory is not so small and drab.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Rez Day; Stuck; Scammed; Fairytale

Rezdays celebrated: 12 (v. good); Items bought today (so far): 2 (good); Time spent googling for name of maker of fairy godmother gown because was too lazy to go inworld and just check the designer: 10 (bad).

Today is 12th rezday. So far no-one has said Happy Rezday, which is bit sad, on other hand nowadays on physical world birthday only get handful of cards and have to rely for bulk of greetings on Facebook from people saying Happy Birthday because their mobile device has told them to.

Here is birthday portrait. Unlike UK royal family where trend is to take pic of royal child in ordinary clothes doing dull everyday things, have gone for Fairy Godmother in cherry blossom forest look. Why look ordinary when can be a fairy godmother?  In fact look came together when (a) decided to wear wings, since theme of last night's VWER discussion was "fantasy in education" (b) saw Beth arrived dressed as fairy and so googled "fairy" in inventory and came up with this dress which actually may have not worn since bought it in Feb/March 2018 (but wait - it was out of its box - must have at least tried it on). (c) Today snapped up umbrella with attached goldfish which was Fly By Friday offer. Et voila, I shall go to the ball.

Only downside to day has been splurging 500 Linden on a gacha item (Serenity Style- Vintage Box Car - GARDENER ULTRARARE) on Marketplace yesterday and finding today that all that was in the delivered box was a texture of the gacha key. However, this has only happened twice ever. Is surprising it doesn't happen more often, really. Should have been alerted by fact that (1) was no picture given on the posting (2) were only 2 items from gachas on sale from that vendor. You see I CHECKED but did not REFLECT. However will LEARN from this mistake. Or perhaps not.

Earlier whilst checking out Fifty Linden Friday items got stuck in a wall (see pic, inside the shower). How nostalgic that feels, haven't got stuck in a wall since last year at least, it used to happen all the time in younger days. Suppose that is what being SL 12 means, feeling nostalgia for times when you felt embarrassed and didn't know how to escape. At reflect on transformational skills ie point where realised how could stop being trapped in walls, under tables etc.

Traditional rez day pastime appears to be hauling out pics of self on previous rez days and noting how much better one looks now without those flexi skirts/ system bodies/ ugly feet/ mad hair. Still have system body, but can certainly have smug reflection on how much better hair, feet and dresses look. On other hand: me at age 1 (see pic and - cute or what? Certainly fare better than comparing physical world me now and 11 years ago.

Will now go and get physical world lunch and try not to get stuck in a wall.

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