Friday, 25 September 2009

Eyes redux

Eyeballs reappearing: 2 (v. good)
Happy news, but makes me look rather an idiot (hey, nothing new there). After handcrafting previous post on sad loss of Indigo eyes, logged in and - they aren't lost any more! When I wear them, they appear! Which is great, but doesn't explain why they didn't work (and I tried them a few times) yesterday. Thinking about it, there wasn't the "missing from the database" message I got with "My Body Small Feet", so evidently wasn't a missing texture problem.
Anyway, here are both the Miriel Winter eyes (which you would have been hard pressed to see properly in my last pic) on the left, and the Miriel Indigo ones, on the right. As you can see, they are both very attractive. It is a shame Miriel decided to retire.

The eyes have it

Eyes missing: 1 (v.v. bad); Boots bought: 2 pairs. And lots of flats. And some sandals (good)
Am prompted to blog by disconcerting occurrence yesterday. Was out shopping for boots when suddenly noticed something odd in the ocular region. When looked closer realised that problem was complete lack of eyeballs.

This is a good look for Halloween, but not for chairing an Information Literacy Week in Second Life planning meeting (what I was about to do).

Was still Wearing my eyes, so assume that texture has disappeared from Linden Labs database. Once they disappear, they seldom return (cf. My Body Small Feet shape, which seems to have gone for good). This is v.v. sad, since they were Indigo eyes from Miriel that have had for almost whole of my Second Life. They were one of my first purchases, and I loved them dearly. Since Miriel has closed her shop, not much point in contacting her, either.

Fortunately I bought a clutch of eyes from her shop before it closed, and so in the 2nd pic you see me in Miriel's Winter eyes, which are also lovely, but not the beautiful deep blue of the Indigo ones.

I took a little comfort from my footwear. After 2 attempts had managed to snaffle a Sugarcube dress I was after (the first time the sim was too full, the 2nd time the dress inexplicably was not set to buy) and had decided that red boots were the thing. After some browsing round Js (which has a new boots line on sale), went to Tesla's, and invested in these snazzy peeptoe numbers. Subsequently heard about the "any shoe 25 Linden" sale at A La Mood (formerly Pretties) and invested further in 1 pair pink ankle boots; 1 pair pumpkin clogs; 1 set black embellished flats; 1 pair 60's flats and 2 pairs of platform sandals.
I suppose that's quite a lot of shoes, really. However, I did have to take my mind off my eyes.

P.S. The hat didn't cost anything at all. Can delude myself that this makes it a cheap outfit.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

RL/ SL /ZOMG lol

ZOMG moments: 1 (embarrassing, but sort of cool); OMG moments: 1 (v. bad); No. of La Rinascente bags collected: 7 (bad); No of free autumn leaf blowers discovered: 1 (good)
Am back from Milan now, but am recalling a ZOMG lol moment from RL. Was a special concert (for harp and stradavarius violin) put on for the conference in Milan Cathedral. As cathedral is v.v.v. big, are 2 giant video screens either side of nave so audience can actually see what is going on at the front. Was swaying along in trance like state to one of the pieces when in corner of eye caught sight of own face magnified to horrible effect on screens. Perhaps was only person in audience that seemed to be enjoying things. At any rate was rather offputting, and found myself thinking "If this was SL, would be saying ZOMG lol at this point" So, now I have.

Also had special conference event in La Scala opera house in RL and celebrated that by doing fashion shoot in the SL La Scala replica. Whilst was doing this, Heyjude asked me to test out her voice audability, and 1st pic shows that. She was going to meet Claudia Linden, posh, forgot to ask her why.

Otherwise, Milano set me pondering about RL vs. SL shopping. Am displaying in 2nd pic evidence that can shop in RL. Appear to have had subconcious urge to collect every size and style of bag available in La Rinascente. La Rinascente is similar to Liberty's in London, in that after about 10 mins everything under 100 Euros seems incredibly cheap, which is how ended up with dinky packet of pasta costing 4 Euros and chocolates costing a mere, ahem, 20.
One RL/SL difference is that in RL, esp. as was Milan, decided to wear most elegant garb for swanning round and looking at RL frocks. Similarly, when went to opera could adorn self with jewels, shoes and shawls without worrying that fashion police would be checking my Avatar Rendering Count. In other words, in SL you (or I) (or other fashion bloggers) buy lots of stuff, mainly to dress up on own or with a few close friends, and take pics of self, but cannot wear full finery at kind of events (dances, concerts, fashion shows) where would dress up in RL, because it would add to the lag. At shoe/hair/skin/clothes fairs you are even encouraged to abandon your hair.
In contrast only fashion moments in RL were officials stopping women with bare arms from going into cathedral, and ordering them to put on MORE clothes.
Today's OMG moment was less pleasant in that something is evidently wrong with home PC, since after a shortish time screen went multicoloured and then blank, and when rebooted and feverishly started running virus checkers and diagnostic stuff, in mid-check screen just froze and blanked. Oh well, will persevere with checks.
On a happier note have bought some cute landscaping stuff. Got pack for most realistic and sparkly waterfall ever (from New Trails), though also, has to be said, the most laggy. Has four layers to each part, including particles and mist, and can put together combination of waterfall, water panel, water curve and water pillows to very pleasing effect.
Also found new shop (called SHD) with tweeting 2 prim birds, stone dragon that hisses at you, nice autumn ground cover and very pretty Xmas lanterns, all at reasonable prices. Also there is a freebie instore, this leaf blower, and there are some freebie stone plants (little plants that look like stones, have seen them in RL In botanical gardens) hidden in an angel as part of - some hunt or other.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Shop 2.0

Shops created: 1 (good); Products created: 11 (good); Price of most expensive product: $219.99 (that's real US dollars) (bizarre)

At RL conference proposed setting up RL web shop to sell items branded with international information literacy logo. Action now is to do this with colleague from US. To test out ease of setting up shop on Cafepress, decided that Sheila Yoshikawa store would be fun way of testing ... and indeed setting up shop only took 10 mins. However, inevitably wanted to fill Sheila Yoshikawa shop with Sheila Yoshikawa merchandise. End result is that 2 hrs later appear to have created new venture filled with unsellable products, which is taking on life of own. Have dreadful urges (so far resisted) to spend days photoshopping images to go on Modern Wall Clock etc. Also couldn't resist chosing some products that no person in right mind would want to purchase.

Shop can be found at Most embarrassing will of course be if anyone buys anything. This is one of the pics I use on the merchandise. Cute or what.

The blog of Sheila Yoshikawa on her adventures in Second Life. This may be very thrilling. Or possibly not.