Monday, 9 July 2007

Office, panels, and the curse of the butterflies

Panels mounted: 8 (good); Noteboard skills learnt: 2 (v. good); Butterflies bought: 1 set (bad); Outfits bought: 2 (bad)

Have arranged to meet Art Fossett in Eduserv in order to find out why can't Build things there any more. Turns out that in order to Build need to have Eduserv Group Active (rather than, as currently the case, B5 Fan). Go to Group function and make Eduserv Group Active and lo, can once more Edit and Build. Feel v. foolish.

While AF is there ask how can fix panel (advertising Centre for information Literacy Research) to wall. He says to layer it. This in fact means Editing panel, then using Rotate and Position functions to get it parallel to wall and then flat against it. Feel v. proud when manage this.
Have already Created Notecard (in Inventory) with text about Centre and dropped it into Content bit of panel (in Edit mode) (I hope you are following this).
Google notecard object make. Find useful page ( in which one Paul Docherty explains how to Build object and make it deliver up notecard when someone touches it. Am able to amend "give notecard" script appropriately, and lo (again) my panel delivers a notecard when anyone right clicks and selects "Touch". Feel even prouder, so spend some time touching panel and getting notecards.
Place cat who I name Mitsy (after cat belonging to favourite aunt). Put out mat for cat.

Get panel/notecard fever and create a) panel with map of information literacy research to put on opposite wall; b) stretched and repositioned copy of same as carpet; c) 3 panels with different photographs on as decoration in smaller of 2 office rooms; d) explanatory small panel saying what's in photos; e) plain panels in tasteful blue to cover up purple wall.

And now comes fatal error. Suffering from interior design euphoria shop for tropical plant to place near artful photo panel. Am instead betwitched by two blue butterflies ("1 prim") fluttering decoratively. For $199 Linden they are mine. Whisk back to Eduserv Island Office. Place.

A million zillion giant butterflies immediately zoom out of wall. For 30 seconds they look v. pretty. Then I think "enough already". BUT I CANNOT STOP THEM.
Click desperately all over area with butterflies to no avail. Seek out all butterfly-related objects in inventory and delete. And still they come. Log out and log back in. Butterflies greet me cheerfully as I arrive. In end IM vendor and ask how to stop them. Argh.
Last photo shows me perched on wall, looking down on butterflies in doomed fascination.

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