Friday, 29 June 2007

RL replica, vicarious wedding experience

Visits to SL: 0 (bad, v.bad); Visits to RL location previously only visited in SL: 1 (oddly exciting); Weddings attended by SL Friend: 1 (good)

[Added 6 Aug: as can see from comment from someone at the LRC, in fact SL campus is replica of different part of Herfordshire Uni; feel v. embarrassed about this. They do look quite similar, though, ahem]
Today attended RL conference at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. Have previously held up their SL replica of their RL Learning Resources Centre as epitome of dull pointlessness (see end of entry here, but will also upload pic of SL building when have access to SL again). Am therefore unnerved to find self in state of strange excitement when bus approaches campus and realise that am about to enter this dull building in RL.

Indeed, find self racing off bus to discover whether is in fact replica or whether are subtle differences. Seems to be the latter in that car park does indeed front the building, but does not appear to be same dull staircase leading up. These pics show RL building including said car park.
In fact RL building (as perhaps would hope) is more interesting, not least in that has RL people and RL resources inside, not to mention RL networked computers which am now using to blog.

Other excitement somewhat vicarious, in that IH has attended wedding and taken lots of nice pics and indeed provides transcript of whole event. These can be found on her (Ishbel Hartmann's) flickr site at


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, the transcripts are only available to my contacts though (I wasn't very comfortable about doing this without permission from the people involved.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila, Not really here to defend Uni of Herts LRC (although I work there)but your RL pics are of the de Havilland campus, whereas SL presence is a virtual representation of College Lane campus. Hence the differences.
Hope you will see improvements to SL version on next visit as it is undergoing lots of development.

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Oops, sorry about the mistake re the campuses

I was not criticising the RL LRC at all, of course.

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