Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Back to SL

Visits to SL: 1 (hurrah!); New members of Information Literacy Group: 2 (good); Invitations to join German techie Group: 1 (tempting) ; Updates to SL whilst away: 1 (bad); Creation rights in Eduserv: 0 (v. bad)

Still celebrating return to SL! Phil the Phoenix seems strangely phlegmatic re. absence. Go straight to Vassar, as recommended by IH. Experiment with flexible seating (see 1st pic) can alter benches at a touch to seat different number of students. If only RL seating could be moved so easily, sure have damaged back hauling round chairs and tables before seminars to get right setup.

Visit Vassar's virtual rooms. Can choose scene from display rather like postcard rack see pic 2. Pretty, but computer's poor graphics card (I assume) sometimes gives strange effect (see pic 3). However, take various artful pics.

Go to office on Eduserv island. Water feature and chairs still in place. Decide to buy message board so people can leave messages (e.g. "Good luck to the Centre for Information Literacy Research"or "Why have you got a water feature on your roof"?)

Search on "message board" finds only what appears to be German techie outfit. Wander round but ultimately fruitless. Realise have searched under "place" rather than "all". Searching all finds more options. Visit a few office supply shops but message boards elude me.

Get distracted by plants and buy one of those instead. Return to office with plant but, curses, dreaded blue box pops up and says cannot place plant as have no creation rights on land. Was sure had been given them by AF. Hmmm. Perhaps have already placed too many prims?

Attempt to sit to mull over problem and end up on top of wall. Am sure will never be able to do this deliberately so take several pics. Say temporary farewell to Phil and logoff.

Next day in RL email get invitation to join SL Group, namely "Testlab: Die Testlab-Gruppe der PC Professionell in Second Life informiert Sie uber neue Testberichte aus unserem Testlab am Perlenstrand (135, 38, 24) und bietet Ihnen eine Plattform, um neue Produkte zu diskutieren". Wish to demonstrate cool European cosmopolitan nature by belonging to German group, so Accept.

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