Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Butterfly curse removed, Bloggers' cafe

Butterflies stopped: 1 flock (v. good); New poster created: 1 (good); New outfits bought: 0 (good); Blogger cafes visited: 1 (good); Hours spent in SL when should have been doing RL work: 2 (bad)

Get IM from Thiery Fleury, maker of the Neverending Butterflies. Explains that can Remove them by pressing CTRL+ALT+T. Try it. It works! It works!

Would award Thiery Fleury customer service award if such existed in SL (surely only matter of time) as TF even IMs later to ask if all OK.

Spend some time wandering round new butterfly-free office, which now seems strangely minimalist. Decide that perhaps water feature on roof would benefit from butterflies, creating pleasing landmark. Also add new version of Centre for IL poster on roof.

Decide EVEN BETTER if butterflies came out of poster rather than water feature, as perhaps quacking duck provides enough interest in latter. Able to Remove and Place butterflies once more, but realise must be something you need to do AFTER you've pressed CTRL+ALT+T as many things continue to look strange and blocky afterwards.

Oh well. Fly off to new neighbouring island development inc. treehouse with chairs you can't sit on (odd). Find that can get pleasing view of own office from deck chair on opposite shore.

Also try swing, visit curious airborne swirling fountain and find Secret Garden (after children's novel by Burnett) (pretty). And all my doorstep!

Finally discover via ... actually can't remember now, such was random bittiness of day ... anyway, in some way discover Bloggers' cafe. Visit. It is empty perhaps just as well since not sure am up to sophisticated blogging chit-chat. Try sitting on chairs, flying above to check out flying flexi skirt effect etc. etc.

Have submitted pic to go on wall in bloggers' cafe via RL email (the pic at top of this entry, taken in the office, cool or what). Now waiting in some excitement to see whether will be posted on wall in cafe.

Speaking to RL friend just now who seemed to think that trying on SL frocks was not real. Not sure what he means by this.

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