Sunday, 10 August 2008

Terraforming fun

Things learnt about terraforming: 1 (good)
Here I am in the terraforming workshop at the educators coop. What fun it is, terraforming is one of my favourite occupations. I terraformed the whole island and the various parcels of land I've had but You Can Always Learn Something New and in this case it was about using Select land and then Apply (e.g. Apply Raise Land). This saves time and I used it in my practice session. But in the end I reverted to doing most of it with the bulldozer. My Tip is that it is a good idea to use an overhead view and pull right out to get an overview of what you are doing when you are doing the major features, but check what it looks like at "ground" level now and then.
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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Multiple Intelligences

No. of intelligences: 8 (good)

Excellent discussion session yesterday with Zatorah Shepherd showing people round her model of Multiple Intelligences, as in the concept developed by Howard Gardiner. Chatlog will not give full record of the session since Z used voice most of the time - but will give some flavour. Teleported number of people into first part of session on Infolit School, and then everyone managed to get to Koru, where models actually are. Whole scene filled with colour, sound, gaiety etc.

Final Folly

Sky settlements created: 1 (good) (well, I think so)
Things will be changing on Infolit iSchool as have to get used to no longer being Queen Bee of the island and start sharing it more. Have been mulling over Serious Post on Feelings about Island. In meantime had thrown together a little settlement in sky with various houses, hot tubs, flower meadows etc lying in inventory. Will delete it shortly but might recreate rather nice rock/flower/cabin combination that emerged - will have to put THAT pic in next post since am trying out Bloghud again. Main differences from simply blogging in separate browser: location links; no photoshopping pics; random people start commenting on your blog.
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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Blogging session

Chatlogs put online: 1 (good); Wikis updated: 1 (good); Posters mounted in Infolit iSchool: 1 (good) (and so forth and so on)

Spent some time tidying up after last discussion session - amount of posting and updating seems to increase exponentially but can't blame anyone else but self for this. Latest effort is a wiki at where already have put up links to chatlogs etc. of previous discussion sessions - list looks rather impressive if say so myself.
Chatlog of last discussion, on blogging, is now at . Some people mention their blogs in the chat, but Robin didn't: Robin's blog is at Think I might as well put in text from my SL notecard as well: Dulcie Dull to read, but gives some info:
"Sheila Yoshikawa is in RL Sheila Webber, faculty member in the Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield, UK. She started blogging The Information Literacy Weblog in 2003, and has been regularly blogging ever since.
"My main blogs [note confusing slip into 1st person here] are
- Information Literacy Weblog: (professional blog)- Adventures of Yoshikawa (main SL blog)
- Low prim Living with Style (more irregular fashion blog for my alt) [all is revealed, eh]
"I'm a regular co-contibuter to:
- Inquiry Based Learning: (education blog)
- Information Literacy meets Library 2.0: (professional library blog)
- iheartsl: (this is a high volume SL fashion blog, so I'm only a minor contributor to this)
[so frankly is wonder that get any time to eat, sleep, remind friends and family that am in land of living etc.]----
"Obvious resources/ links
- Second Life group: Second Life bloggers
- Ning community:
- Bloghud (enables you to blog from within SL: I haven’t tried this tool myself):
"There have been various discussions inworld e.g. as part of Orange Island media week earlier this week. There is a blog entry at with links to audio recordings of the sessions (“Blogging virtual worlds” and “Using a blog as part of a media strategy”)"

Now an interesting addendum to latter is that have discovered yet another pic which has been siphoned off Flickr and onto web page of multinational company, namely a quite fetching pic of me in fairy queen outfit examining Liverpool Uni's website on a prim. Indeed pic is used to illustrate Orange Island item on web on a prim. Credits me, but even so. And how did they find it? Didn't index photo with prim word. Hey ho.

BTW the photos are totally irrelevant to what is discussed in this post. Apart from being of me, of course.

Added later Revisited Flickr pages and in fact is not wonder that photo was found since I had entitled it "Web on a prim". How had I managed to forget that in a few short days? Worrying.

Friday, 1 August 2008


Times locked out of office immediately before discussion session: 1 (v. bad); Discussions led despite this stupidity: 1 (good)

After playing about with Bloghud tool (see last 2 posts), went out to refill water bottle from Departmental cooler 15 mins before Infolit iSchool discussion on Blogging. Big mistake. Discovered quickly that had left keys inside office and was locked outside with nothing but a bottle of water, my reading glasses and a mobile phone.
Frittered away 5 mins running round other offices (it was 8pm UK time) seeking colleague (who might have necessary keys), and finding only research students (who don't). Fortunately a researcher with a high spec machine was willing to
a) download SL onto it and
b) go home and let me use his computer. It is good that there are such nice and helpful people in the world, and more specifically it was good that there was such a person in this Department at 8 pm at night.

Thus was able to log in at the dot of 8, grateful that had set everything up beforehand. At first it looked like only Robin was going to be there but in the end there were half a dozen people and we had (I think) a good discussion about blogging, which I will talk about more when I put up the chatlog. After it was over phoned offsite university security people who eventually came along and let me in to my office. Phew. Next time will tie keys on string round neck.

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