Saturday, 14 July 2007

Creation, Stools, Fauna, Meetings

Friends met in SL: 2 x 1 (good); No. of artifacts created: lots (good); Linking skill learnt: 1 (good); Seagulls purchased: 2 (not sure); Hours spent (vainly) trying to import animated sit poses: 3 (bad)

Have been busy creating benches and stools in the office. Can now Rotate, Position, Stretch, Import Image, change Texture and change Colour.

Have also learnt how to Link and Unlink. In both cases involves pressing CTRL+3 then clicking on relevant objects, then selecting Link or Unlink from Tools menu.

Had much fun importing pictures of flowers and sky to make them Texture for stools . Also managed to make cone Hollow and positioned it to be a parasol. Bought windchime and changed Textures so that rather than fake bamboo now tones with rest of colour scheme.

Then (as happens) became heady with new skills and bought 2 seagulls and a rainbow. Have positioned rainbow over sign. Seagulls are perhaps step too far as now when sit in roof terrace hear quacking duck, windchime clinking and seagulls cawing in rather aggressive fashion.

When putting up benches in office spent ages trying to use pose balls to get animated sitting.
Mostly had no effect, but in other cases ended with strange postures which at first found puzzling and now realise are poses might not want to introduce into serious information literacy meeting (ahem). In the end left with default Sit which fortunately seems to come with Object.

Have had two meetings with Silversprite Helsinki who has been doing report on UK Higher Ed in SL for Eduserv. Will mention when this gets published as should be v. interesting. Top picture shows us chilling out on the roof. 2nd picture shows one of my many useless shopping trips in search of scripts for sitting poses that aren't rude. In third photo can see artfully placed rainbow.


Anonymous said...

LOL at the seat poses. That would make for an interesting meeting!

Visited your office last night - it's looking good. Loved the pictures on the wall.

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Thanks! Australia is a good place to take dramatic photos.

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