Thursday, 19 July 2007

CILIP opening

Launches attended: 1 (good); Schmoozing done with CILIP president: 1 (good); Ikebana donated: 1 (good)

Target for today attending launch of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) office in SL. Did not start promisingly. Had had RL press release that CILIP launching SL office today at noon, but no further response re location of said event.

Turn up at 11.55. Is one other CILIP Group Member online (MV) so IM "Hi - I thought that CILIP was launching its office today at 12 UK time - does anyone know where this is happening?"

Wait in own office for time with only sound of wind chimes and seagull. Realise cannot hear cat - is she OK? About to go and check when receive IM from MV with CILIP location.Turns out CILIP office is in Wales1, seems nice soothing place but no time to dally so fly straight into office. Have just missed Launch Speech from CILIP President, but is just him and MV (member of CILIP staff) in office so can have chat and take pics.

Try to identify unique feature of office. Decide is RSS feed of news stories from CILIP transmitted to your screen when you arrive & think can also get full text (though didn't have time to experiment). Seems useful although when arrived thought was unusually factual conversational opener from MV. Furniture is also tasteful.

When MV and President leave to drink tea in RL, go round in Goldilocks fashion sitting in different chairs. Discover that you can Build, so root around in inventory and find (as one does) elegant Ikebana flower arrangement that had not quite found its place in my office. Position it on glass table, admire, take pic and send IM to MV saying it is housewarming gift.

First pic shows me schmoozing, 2nd pic is after arrival with MV on my right and President on left. Third pic is arty shot of Ikabana, which as you can see was no rubbish & was from upmarket boutique in waterside location.

Location of CILIP Office is and of course is really good they have got one now (fawn, fawn).

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Anonymous said...

Sheila, It was good to see you at the launch and thank you for the kind comments and the Ikebana.

Best wishes, Ian Snowley

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