Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Kimono, Kitten, Creation, Meeting

Kittens bought: 1 (v. good); Kimono bought: 1 (good); Meetings: 1 (good); Poster created: 1 (v.v.good)

A busy evening. Decide this is night for Creation. Find sandbox, Build, Create, and Edit. Create cone and delete. Then manage to reshape cube into flat sheet. Had previously created ppt slide which says Centre for Information Literacy Research, made into jpg and imported into SL. Now add this as Texture and hey presto, have cool poster. Am v. proud.

Unfortunately cannot yet put in office as can't Create there. Therefore travel to University of Southern Queensland and to take pic (see above).

Whilst back in SL office, contemplating purple wall, IH IMs to say has found kittens for sale. Hurrah again! Teleport over to shop and purchase tabby. Comes with pillow, toy and instructions. Still cannot Create in Eduserv office so off to Abo Akademi to play.

SL Kitten has certain disadvantages e.g. is not soft and furry, and goes strange colours if viewed from too far away. On other hand obeys commands, can be stashed in inventory, unlikely to be run over by car and will not develop picky taste in catfood.

Have not yet named it. Was tempted to name after RL (ex) cat, but seems disrespectful (i.e. to RL cat). Or would it be tribute?

Celebrate return to SL further by purchasing yet another kimono. When get back to office realise that kimono is same colour as carpet.

Oh well. At least isn't same colour as wall.
Have discovered can sit on top of window whenever like. Do so.

Finally, accept kind invitation to meet with IH and CH in Second Nature. Other 2 look v. cool. Really must find way to edit own appearance.

After chatting stand up and discover am balancing on glass table. V. amusing.

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