Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Oh Tannenbaum; Winter planning

Xmas trees bought; zero, so far (good); Items in "November 2018" folder: 180 approx. (bad)

Possibly favourite event of year is Tannenbaum, not so much because of items on offer, but because atmosphere in Tannenbaum event is super-calming yet rich with Xmas promise (i.e. presents, food, real Xmas trees, soulful walks through the woods, more presents, more food). Whoever landscaped it and set the sim windlight deserves prize as would swear that can actually feel the crisp air and smell the midwinter forest. Not that in physical world actually go for that many Xmas walks in woods, but IDEA of walking in winter woods is always attractive.

So first pic shows me pretending to buy Xmas tree at Tannenbaum. In centre of gacha area is cute collection of Botanical Xmas trees, with vendors. Bought one of these trees several years ago, so no need to repeat, but found ancient and v. primmy tree by AM Radio in inventory, which has integral carrying pose, so there I am. Spent some time on this photo, to hide other customers, who were mostly not Winter-appropriately dressed (mini skirts! crop tops! with snow on the ground!) and thus would spoil mood of picture.

2nd picture shows Tannenbaum vendor booths with me deciding not to buy something. However, despite certain amount of restraint have still managed to amass wealth of new items as evidenced by fullness of "November 2018" folder. In fact, memory of visiting Tannenbaum event was of buying practically nothing, but now see indulged in 22 items, including bear ornament, kitten stocking, "winter scene", hanging icicles, paper snowflakes, and rustic fireplace. Had better get going on decorating asap or won't have time to put all this stuff to good use. As is evidenced by examination of "November 2017" folder where rediscover cute items such as "Joyeaux Noel 2017" Tea & Macaron Service Set and seasonal cupcakes which am pretty sure never even got unpacked.

On professional front, had been congratulating self on having booked sessions for virtual worlds discussion forum well in advance, only to find events falling through. Think there is a lesson to be learnt here: EITHER that if make arrangement with someone need to check up on it more than one week before actual event to avoid misunderstanding OR it is not worth bothering arranging things well in advance.

Second lesson seems to be one involving least effort so think will adopt that one.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Panic; Purchasing; Ill met by moonlight

No. of blog posts since November 2017: zero (bad); No. of items seen in own photo which remind me that I bought cute object: 1 (today, so far: bad)

A few times a year have sudden panic when think WHAT IF YOSHIKAWA BLOG HAS BEEN DELETED FROM BLOGGER. Know that deletion is a thing, since various student blogs have evaporated when student authors are no longer members of the uni, so are ex blog people, and has been no activity on blog for a while. Deletion of this blog would not mean end of the universe (you will be happy to learn) but still would be loss for me, esp. since still have ambitions to do grand autoethnographic research on SL experience (ok have been saying this for about 5 years but is slightly more solid plan now.)

Anyway as may be evident today was one of those days when thought - had better do a blog post - and what better to blog about than lack of blogging?

However (to string this post out beyond 2 paragraphs) can also note that consumerism continues unabated, as is witnessed by fact then when (this morning) was processing a bunch of photos from just 10 days ago came across picture (shown above) and thought OMG I think I bought that and I completely forgot about it. Thing in question is supercute tic tac toe table in form of mushrooms, which actually works as tic tac toe game. Well, think it does, but as had forgotten it existed and haven't unpacked, not 100% certain at the moment.BTW forgetting have bought something not exactly a novel event (that's what happens when you have 100,000 items in inventory).

Musing on this, or more specifically uploading first pic and searching for it in my SL photo folder using word "buy" led to discovering other photos with "buy" tagline. For example, only a few days ago I snapped this kitchen and saved it with title "Shall I buy this". Currently answer is "Well, I haven't yet" but think it is only matter of time. Admittedly, have numerous sinks, fridges etc., but this one is super compact and very nicely textured. Also, those little under-table baskets! And that wooden frame to the cooker is really rather sophisticated! And the fridge is a neat shape, not huge and space-consuming! etc etc etc

The next exhibit is entitled "Fantasy Faire deciding to buy Luna" (date - 27 April 2017). So evidently I bought something called Luna. First question is, what is it I bought? A piece of statuary? Some curtains? Something rather odd with black wings? Had to immediately go inworld and search LUNA in inventory. Turns out have Luna dress, Luna leggings, Luna moth light (copiable), a painting "Luna" and so forth but eventually located LOVE- Mad queens _ Luna which sounded vaguely right so unpacked it and voila here is me in wood wearing Luna headpiece. It is animated, so moon bit in the middle sort of swooshes round. Not sure when will wear it, possibly when going moonlight haunting.

This could be fun new game. (a) Select random word (b) search word in inventory (c) wear whatever is found. If pursue this will report on how many days it takes to NOT find something matching the random word. Will be v. productive use of time, and isn't as though engage in any other procrastinatory activities, oh no, not at all.

BTW creature with me in pic is tie-dyed Cheshire cat. Obvs.

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