Saturday, 28 July 2007

CILIP aftermath

Visits to SL: 0 (bad); Holidays in RL: 1 (v. good); Hours spent waiting at Madrid airport after plane cancelled on way home: 5 (bad)

Was away from SL for a week. In meantime see that as hoped, feature on Mark Taylor's blog article in CILIP website about SL opening. Yay. Interesting to see that, as in RL, am slightly disappointed by how look in photos (see 2nd photo, taken by Mark Taylor). Seem to be chubbier and less attractive than in photos taken of self. Perhaps this not surprising when consider that spend ages positioning camera for most flattering shot. Apparently I and IanSnowley Allen "exchanged ideas for possible professional uses for Second Life". Furthermore in a comment Lindsay asks "How can I read or hear the discussion Sheila had with Ian about possible professional uses for 2nd life?"

Can remember saying nothing coherent on professional uses of SL, although think wittered something about exploring nature of information literacy with students. Actually now I write it that sounds quite good, so perhaps if could edit transcript down to 3 lines and take out spelling mistakes would be OK.

CILIP President has also made comment on last blog entry, which is nice but bit alarming. Professional life coming possibly too close for comfort. Is evidently question will have to ponder at length e.g. in RL
1) do not admit to colleagues that spend hours looking at clothes &arranging flowers in office.
2) when writing about meetings am generally v. polite rather than saying that was so dull that gave up will to live and started manic doodling in effort to stave off rigour mortis. Not that ever attend dull meetings in RL, obviously; ahem.
3) do not write about students except in v. minimal way, as is otherwise abusing position of teacher.

Point 3) is one of ethics and as take v. seriously will not change for this blog. However others require more thought. Or as thought is v. hard, could just keep blogging & see what happens.

Photo shows me in Blogher 07 conference which is where I am at the moment. More on that soon....

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