Monday, 9 July 2007

Curse of giant butterflies continues

Butterflies halted in flight: 0 (bad); Visits of Friend to office: 1 (good)

Go inworld. Butterflies still flutter by. Find that MK is online. MK is friend from RL who have not yet met with in SL. Give her office coordinates by taking landmark from inventory and dragging it onto her profile. It works. She arrives and am able to show her round office.

Mention butterflies early on, can't exactly not. She agrees that distracting. She tries getting notecard from poster and that works too. MK has joined SL librarians group, and also has had tours. Chat about that.

Note that when cat barges into MK she staggers about in alarming fashion. Must be happening to me too and never noticed. What with cat and butterflies not v. calming environment.

Am still going to keep the cat. But those butterflies!!!

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