Monday, 11 June 2018

Panic; Purchasing; Ill met by moonlight

No. of blog posts since November 2017: zero (bad); No. of items seen in own photo which remind me that I bought cute object: 1 (today, so far: bad)

A few times a year have sudden panic when think WHAT IF YOSHIKAWA BLOG HAS BEEN DELETED FROM BLOGGER. Know that deletion is a thing, since various student blogs have evaporated when student authors are no longer members of the uni, so are ex blog people, and has been no activity on blog for a while. Deletion of this blog would not mean end of the universe (you will be happy to learn) but still would be loss for me, esp. since still have ambitions to do grand autoethnographic research on SL experience (ok have been saying this for about 5 years but is slightly more solid plan now.)

Anyway as may be evident today was one of those days when thought - had better do a blog post - and what better to blog about than lack of blogging?

However (to string this post out beyond 2 paragraphs) can also note that consumerism continues unabated, as is witnessed by fact then when (this morning) was processing a bunch of photos from just 10 days ago came across picture (shown above) and thought OMG I think I bought that and I completely forgot about it. Thing in question is supercute tic tac toe table in form of mushrooms, which actually works as tic tac toe game. Well, think it does, but as had forgotten it existed and haven't unpacked, not 100% certain at the moment.BTW forgetting have bought something not exactly a novel event (that's what happens when you have 100,000 items in inventory).

Musing on this, or more specifically uploading first pic and searching for it in my SL photo folder using word "buy" led to discovering other photos with "buy" tagline. For example, only a few days ago I snapped this kitchen and saved it with title "Shall I buy this". Currently answer is "Well, I haven't yet" but think it is only matter of time. Admittedly, have numerous sinks, fridges etc., but this one is super compact and very nicely textured. Also, those little under-table baskets! And that wooden frame to the cooker is really rather sophisticated! And the fridge is a neat shape, not huge and space-consuming! etc etc etc

The next exhibit is entitled "Fantasy Faire deciding to buy Luna" (date - 27 April 2017). So evidently I bought something called Luna. First question is, what is it I bought? A piece of statuary? Some curtains? Something rather odd with black wings? Had to immediately go inworld and search LUNA in inventory. Turns out have Luna dress, Luna leggings, Luna moth light (copiable), a painting "Luna" and so forth but eventually located LOVE- Mad queens _ Luna which sounded vaguely right so unpacked it and voila here is me in wood wearing Luna headpiece. It is animated, so moon bit in the middle sort of swooshes round. Not sure when will wear it, possibly when going moonlight haunting.

This could be fun new game. (a) Select random word (b) search word in inventory (c) wear whatever is found. If pursue this will report on how many days it takes to NOT find something matching the random word. Will be v. productive use of time, and isn't as though engage in any other procrastinatory activities, oh no, not at all.

BTW creature with me in pic is tie-dyed Cheshire cat. Obvs.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Youtube; Comments; Pumpkins; Climate

Youtube views of SL video: 11,795 (disconcerting); No. of pumpkins deployed: Infinite (orange, mostly)

'Tis the time when SL gets buried in sea of pumpkins, witch brooms, fiendish masks, burning barrels, candles, skulls, omnious crows etc. etc. Whilst is lot of orange and black around, this year seems to have more than usual amount of monochrome/pastel/cubist/abstract Halloween knick knacks as designers strive to stand out from crowd of standard orange pumpkin with scary face / skeleton hand holding dribbly wax candle / starey skull with plants in.

Thus purchases this year include cute pastel colour-change kitty pumpkins, cute kitty covered in halloween blanket that roams round floor (just not seen in above pic.), and arty black and white pumpkin arrangement with glass jar. Am pictured with Halloween items old and new including v. good value tent that fits cat cafe theme unervingly well ("Paw readings"). For only 29 Linden yesterday (yes **29 Linden**)  you got tent, sign, witchy table, witchy papers and glitter effect, cat waiting to have paw read, chair with pose to look like paw reader and even 2 cats queuing outside (thank you, Chez Moi, did you make a mistake with the pricing?). With usual overload policy have added 2 assorted crystal balls on table, a giant sparkley spider web, string of "pumpkin kitty" lights, vintage pumpkin cat on roof and creeping fog effect. Can also see in pic above: rideable devil cat, new Halloween cart, working tarot reading set, creepy phonograph and 2 edibles: some kind of sushi and a pumpkin sweetie giver.

However, life is about more than pumpkins in the shape of cats, so on  Sunday attended one of Marly's Climate Change sessions. Several people created builds that expressed a position on climate change, and then we all had to imagine the arguments for that position esp. if it wasn't our own. Can see here pretty build which was expressing view that there will be no progress unless human consciousness changes. Fat chance with that one probably, but suppose one should be optimistic. Realised that am complacent sort who feels have done bit by not having washing machine or car on physical life (yes, really, not either of them, ever) but fails to sort rubbish into recycling types, most of the time, uses planes and buys too many objects. On the one hand all those pumpkins, tents and carts (as mentioned above) will take up zero landfill space when delete them, on other hand am consuming electricity as if it came from magic fairy electricity fountain rather than evil consumption of coal, gas, or nuclear thingies.

Moving on (since do not actually intend to stop consuming electricity) have discovered that have unexpectedly successful Youtube video. Had thought that the pinnacle of my Youtube fame was video on Abstracting which has clocked up 1,804 views. By the end of this video you will be able to explain difference between indicative, informative and structured abstracts and distinguish between an abstract and an introduction. Pretty thrilling stuff.
However, when uploading another video (on how to use a known academic paper to find yet more academic papers; such is my life), came across video from 6 years ago explaining how to create an avatar to enter SL. Was about simply to delete it, as is outdated, when noticed no. of views i.e. 11k and that had even got 16 comments which is more comments  than in all my other videos put together.

Comment which immediately springs out is of course "Ugh this girl voice..." which assume is not compliment. Since have always thought of voice as strong point (it hasn't got plump, wrinkled or wobbly, for example, so has advantage over some other bits of physical me) feel rather offended.

Get over it, dude, that's my voice and I like it.

Friday, 29 September 2017

I have nearly 100,000 items

Items in inventory: 96,971 (bad)
Seem to write more unfinished draft entries than actual entries on this blog now, but was struck by sudden fear that lack of inactivity might lead to Blogger consigning Adventures of Yoshikawa to blog limbo, so here we are. SL is usual round of buying, decorating, kittycats, more buying, educational discussion, more buying.

In fact kittycat population has been static and there only about 4 of them that aren't permapets by now: doubtless Rosebud, Ninetails, Snowflake Morpho and Praline have inferiority complexes thinking: Why Not Me? Why aren't I permanent? Am I not cute? Of course they are all cute but the answer is that: Ninetails and Snowflake, you are slightly weird SL celebration cats with odd patterns; Praline, you are so tiny I keep tripping over you as you get lost in the carpet, do I really want to do that permanently? and Rosebud, you are pink, bright pink. However, despite these shortcomings have had all of them for at least a year, and Ninetails a lot longer, so permapettery is almost inevitable. Just look at Rosebud (above), she may be pink but she's adorable, just adorable, she even knows how to coordinate her toys with her fur.

Since Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable moved to a different sim last year, have become chief designer of the island/discussion space, which mean lots of trees, plants, cute gazebos etc. Here I am with the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable greenhouse which frankly has no function OTHER than being cute.

Meanwhile inventory bulges with unopened gacha and other items. Since have not yielded to temptation of mesh body, expenditure on clothes has gone down (since most of them don't fit me) but expenditure on everything else is bouyant, at least from the vendors' point of view.

Breaking news! Inventory just went down by over 1000 since realised I hadn't emptied trash for ages. Hurrah! Problem solved! If only all of life's problems could be deleted so easily.

Friday, 2 December 2016

I vlog therefore I am

Vlogs created: 3 (good, in parts)
Have discovered am natural vlogger, at least that is my view and as few other people are likely to even come across the vlogs am unlikely to be contradicted. First vlog came about as think had been using Camtasia to record lecture thingy and so it happened to be open when the first ever Deco(c)rate arrived with lots of yummy goodness (got to get into vlogger speak) in a virtual steamtrunk. Is addition to increasing numbers of schemes where you pay upfront to have a mystery box of stuff. You know who the designers are, but not the items. Up until Deco(c)rate (which is a pain to keep writing, what with those tricksy parentheses, so will just call it Dcrate), up until Dcrate had only gone for The Forest Event, which is variation on the theme, as when you pay the group fee, you can ramble round the v.v. cute sim (see below), snapping up the items, all for free, plus you know in advance what the things are.

The first box deal was Luxe Box, which have never even been tempted to buy, as most of the items are either (a) things would never wear because the are too skimpy and unattractive or (b) only for Mesh bodies (or often, a+b). I have stuck to what is now called the Classic Avatar body i.e. the body you are rezzed with. Given that most of my body is normally swathed in clothes, paying out a few thousand Linden and having to be clicking away at bits of alpha all the time seems not worth doing.
However, when everything is a home and d├ęcor item (as indicated by the name of the box, deco(c)rate) it seemed worth a look.  If you are interested in the Dcrate video it is here but am not embedding it as the resolution is too low. Had used normal resolution as for lecture videos, which seems fine for them, but for SL it is just not sharp enough (in fact am thinking - perhaps it isn't sharp enough for lectures either, hmmm).

Anyway, followed this up with 2 much shorter unboxing videos for !gO!'s advent calendar, which is rather better value than any of the crates or boxes, as you just pay 50Linden to join the gO group and then you can scoop up all the boxes, one at a time. The first dress alone was worth it, being a cosy long sweater dress of Nordic pattern, ideal for wearing whilst opening pressies on Xmas morning.

So! Here are the videos! Enjoy!!
Day 1!

And Day 2!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Winterfell; Goodbye Juicy: Primful for Xmas

No. of extra prims on Infolit iSchool: 5,000 (v.v.good); No. of extra prims on Noyo: 1,900 (v.v.v. good); Cottages rented on Winterfell: 1 (surplus to requirements, really)

During past month got v.v. excited by advent of prim bonus as Linden Labs upped the quota for mainland by a heady 7,250 prims per region, and 5,000 prims per region for islands. Is so many prims that actually haven't used them all up yet, though with Infolit there is reason for this, since extra prims for non-mainland regions have only just been released today. Unfortunately (or should perhaps be FORTUNATELY) have not had spare time to decorate out full prim allowance on Noyo so will have plenty of space for Xmas trees, Xmas baubles, Xmas signs, Xmas gifts, skating rinks, animated penguins, hot chocolate givers and so forth.

Will have extra place to decorate since had fallen in love with v. cute cottage on Winterfell, a 512 type plot with cottage already in place. Costs 300L a week which is exactly what have been paying for shop in Juicy for more years than care to remember (ok appears to be 8 years OMG, am not even going to try and add up how much that means have given to well-deserving Juicy sim landlord). Juicy shop was vanity project creating zero income from word go and has latterly been Cat Cafe with no pretence at money making. Was suddenly right moment to leave Juicy so packed up everything and in the first pic you have me and Hestia saying farewell.

In 2nd pic see new Winterfell cottage. It is book lined retreat, though now I look at 2nd pic have actually replaced that map cabinet and set of shelves with classy antique 4 prim dresser. However, still a lot of books on other side of cottage that you can't see.

In fact is not first time have rented Winterfell land. 3rd pic shows rather larger plot that rented for short time in 2011. Apart from fact that current Winterfell home is good deal cheaper to rent, is also nice to have something with novely of restricted size plus close neighbours who are guaranteed not to put up banlines, set up a casino or fill plot with giant revolving polar bears. (Was really thinking of other giant revolving things beginning with p, but don't wish to get flagged by Blogger for unseemly content, which seems to happen at drop of mildly challenging word.)

4th pic gives idea of what is like outside cottage, this is neighbour's house and my identical one is to left. There is sim policy which means outside should be decorated with things that might have been around in Victorian times, though at Halloween I think people were not observing this strictly since as far as I know Halloween  in Victorian England did not feature tableaux of animated zombies and self-stirring cauldrons, which is what my neighbour opposite put out (BUT STILL BETTER THAN GIANT FLYING Ps).

Meanwhile, back on VWER, the gravestones, poisoned apples and so forth have magically disappeared. Have erected small chapel, since, you know, Christmas is coming, and have hidden favourite tombstone-monument thing behind that. Could also not bear to part with witch broom generator, on which educators had jolly fun at end of Halloween VWER meeting. (see last pic)

Still will be very surprised if isn't a Santa sleigh generator or Rudolph Red Nose generator to replace witch broom in due course.

Am rolling up virtual sleeves to cover all available surfaces with Christmas cheer. And people had better enjoy it.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Witches; Death; Dilemmas

No: of witchy things bought: 8 (good); No. of Halloweeny items already in inventory: Numberless (or possibly, 666); Hysterical witch accusers encountered: one (awkward)

In a couple of weeks is HALLOWEEN which is always fun time in SL as great opps for becoming ghost, creating spooky haunted houses etc. etc. After a couple of days away from SL due to physical world travel arrived back just in time for Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable meeting, which was v. interesting talk from Greg Prumier who has been teaching in SL for 7 Years (that was in fact title of talk). When got to VWER he and a couple of others were variously standing/sitting by circle of cushions on one side of VWER area. Greg asked where to put presenter and so told him and then set out more of Dustbunny's Darling Sectional Cushions (which are indeed v boho and cute) in orange and red to match autumn theme of sim. Realised afterwards that didn't ask Beth (organiser and host of event) if she already had plans about setting up area, so hope didn't offend.

Anyway, next week am leading discussion on "Halloween and other festivals - can we use them for education in Virtual Worlds?" which is basically an excuse for me to drown VWER parcel in witchy stuff. Had not yet visited the Salem event, so tped over and had happy half hour trying out gallows props, deciding how many new mirrors I needed (answer: lots) and musing over whether should buy Besom hair with stylish witch hat (answer: of course). Snapped up sparkly spider webs, village stocks (with tomato giver for throwing at person IN stocks), pumpkin cookie-giver, sinister cloaked form holding moddable poster and a few other items.

During tour of event came across sign (see above)which said that Abigail Williams (famous accuser at Salem witch trials) was hidden on sim. After Black Dahlia hunt assumed that this might be challenging e.g. with small effigy of Abigail hidden up a tree somewhere, but in fact proved to be v. easy as simply followed path in wood and there was real avatar dressed as Abigail, pointing and muttering wicked, wicked under her breath. Was all very nice, but immediately felt like awkward situation, since this was an actual person (though presuably an actual person who was going afk a lot). Was not sure of appropriate behaviour. Should one say "Hi, I'm Sheila I believe you have some issues with witches?" or shout and point "Evil liar evil liar"? or was one expected to interact in order to learn fun facts about the Salem Witch Trials? In fact did the British thing of pretending hadn't seen her and scuttling back down the path. Am shown in pic hiding behind tree when crept back later to see if she was still there.

When got back to VWER had fun time setting out a Halloween setting that was spooky but not too gruesome. Am not sure if got level right e.g. felt that guillotine and people in nooses might be going to far for educational area, on other hand flying skeleton holding lamp and coffin with skeleton hand curling round lid somehow seemed ok. Set out cute rustic table with assorted Halloween food givers including cauldron of poisoned apples (when you accept one and wear it you fall over dead - see pic, am sort of slumped under table).

Might be challenging for newbies as have to detach apple to become not dead (as opposed to undead) (see pic). On other hand would give people someone else to throw rotten fruit at, when got tired of pelting miscreants in village stocks. Am sure there are educational life lessons there.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Hunts; Walls; I Am My Cat

No. of hunt items found: 3 (good); No. of hours spent searching for hunt items: 1.5 (bad); Number of gigantic boundary walls bought: 1 (good); No. of kittycats whose bodies I have occupied: 1 (so far) (not spooky AT ALL)

With October comes halloween hunts and one of fave SL designers, namely DRD, has a hunt in their shop. You get a HUD, you go around spotting Black Dahlia flower heads and get cool stuff when you find them. This sounds v. simple, but have trawled lower floor of DRD's store twice, camming into corners and waiting impatiently for all to rez etc etc, plus have gone round upstairs twice, and done quicker trawl of builds in their garden. However have only found 3 items out of about a dozen. Was at least glad to hear from DRD group chat that wasn't just me that found this challenging. Hunt object is small and also black, and as DRD do a lot of dark stuff and store is huge have evidently missed loads of dahlias lurking in corners and under carpets. Also they produce a lot of small fiddly objects that look v. like dahlias until they rez properly.

In 2nd pic you may be able to see object on floor that got overexcited about til saw was "film cans" not dahlia. Realise have got used to hunts where you (a) get a hint (b) have a large and flashy hunt object, so am probably lazy but frankly life is too short to spend more than 1.5 hrs looking for objects however cute.
Was, though, friendly experience, one avatar IMed me to ask if was on hunt and we exchanged cheerful remarks on lack of success in dahlia finding. Group chat also good natured except when spammer spammed chat with random request for 100 Linden which resulted in multiple insults and group bans for spammer. Would be careful about spamming DRD chat, probably contains people with arcane knowledge of spells and potions (AM JOKING know that people who like to recreate post-apocalyptic dungeons and spooky haunted asylums are quite likely frightfully well adjusted individuals who would no more think of cursing someone than of jumping the checkout queue in Tescos).
Anyway have ended up with (1) carpet (2) very cute tray of bedroom decor stuff (3) some sort of notice on a cute board PLUS there was a free thing just waiting to be nabbed on the 1st floor, vis several female corpses hung up on pegs, some of Bluebeard's wives according to the description. Obviously maker did not subscribe to the "it is all symbolic of mental abuse and Bluebeard's wives are now all enjoying fulfilled lives with more suitable partners, it's Bluebeard you should feel sorry for" line. It will be a useful item for my halloween decor this year.

Thinking of Halloween made me think of dungeons and caves, so wandered over to the Felix Alter sim as he does v. good v. reasonably priced cave and mountain decor. Did look at caves (see pic), but got distracted by what is v. good idea and wonder why noone else has done it. He has created high thin and attractive cliff walls (with walkable paths) for people to put round sims when they want privacy from neighbours. One of perils of mainland is suddenly having some huge hideous barrier penning you into your plot, because your neighbour doesn't want to see your beautifully landscaped gardens but would rather see some giant, implausible and out of focus picture of a tropical beach.
There are several options which mix and match, all priced at 250 Linden, and bought one and immediately put it to good use. Trouble with previous similar things is that they have tended to be (a) not thin enough (b) not that much more attractive than the hideous beach picture. Will post some actual pics of walls at some point but cannot pause to do that as OMG final thing is MOST EXCITING.

Namely, KittyCats have a new update and YOU CAN BECOME YOUR KITTYCAT. OMG.

In fact practically never desert my human form but took all of 10 secs to decide that I wanted to inhabit the bodies of my KittyCats. Took copy of body shape, made sure outfit was saved and then you just click on your chosen KittyCat, select something off the interaction menu, get a folder which includes a "KittyCat Transponder" you wear the folder and voila!

In fact it wasn't Voila! at first as simply became invisible. Wandered about a bit invisibly and then thought would try logging off and on and THEN trying the wear transponder thing again and this time it worked. I went through the spooky change thing (see pic, I am migrating, Jennifer is sitting all unconcerned to my right), Jennifer disappeared and then I WAS JENNIFER. I walked and ran and sat and flew. When you fly a skateboard appears underneath you. I may moderate VWER as a kitty on Thursday so went and practiced sitting at the VWER table (see last pic) and OMG I am so cute.

Was a slight worrying moment when I transponded back and initially the "Jennifer kittycat" in my inventory simply would not rez. However all was well when I logged out/ in and she now seems to be sleeping and pottering about quite happily again, all on her own.

Am deciding which Kittycat I will comandeer next. Probably Marl.

Is this a bit creepy? I don't care if it is a bit creepy. Thank you KittyCats creators for providing me with awesome features I never even knew I wanted.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Shop; Repeat: Squeak

No of items bought from The Arcade: more than intended (bad); No. of hours spent decorating houses: more than intended (bad); No. of items bought which squeak on touch: 2 (good)

First first time for a while was asked by fellow researcher to write some thoughts about teaching in SL, difference SL made to Life and Work etc. Reminded me that hadn't blogged here in a while. However, followed scholarly activity of reflecting on SL practice with usual burst of shopping and decorating, so afraid this blog will be same old.
First, June 1st, as anyone knows, means a new round of THE ARCADE that Linden-pit of a gacha event. Started by buying rare Hedera Caravan from Dust Bunny on SL marketplace, the ebay of SL. In fact this was particular extravagence as only really wanted it for lace awning that came as kind of extra (see first pic.). Thought would be salutary and informative to list subsequent orgy of consumerism. Should be lesson to reflect on how many of these will not get rezzed, let alone used.

Sanarae event
barberyumyum*53B (hair) (cute Japanese hair)
Car Neon Wall Decor (half a car, in a neon colour, to put on your wall)
Dreamer Tent (a very small tent, with some frilly bits, I think you are supposed to hang it from a branch. The one I got was red)
Candy Crunchers - Moon Bunny (what WAS that? blowed if I can remember. Ah yes - it was a kind of hanging ornament with a cute bunny on a crescent moon. Obvious really. It is now hanging from the duly-installed Dust Bunny lace awning)  (which you can't quite see in the pic)
.::THOR::.. Ticket on a plate (this is a plate with a receipt on it, perfect for cafe decor)

Collabor88 event
floorplan. potted cactus
Soy. parasol indian cotton (3 colours)
Soy. metal double chair
dust bunny . darling sectional cushion ( In 3 colours - red grey and later I came back for orange plus a boho hanging cloth with lights)
dust bunny . darling hanging plant (a hanging plant in a macrame holder) (think there's one in the first pic.)
+Half-Deer+ Ceiling Drapes (Drapes. For the ceiling)
Ariskea[Wild] Boho Plant Hanger (another hanging plant in a string holder. I can't get enough of them)

Truth hair shop
TRUTH HAIR Elira - pastels
TRUTH HAIR Fenella - pastels (shown above)
(Two first-class new hair designs, both styles come with and without hats)

Fifty Linden Friday special deals
Izzie's - Assorted Beads Bracelet (bangles. I can't get enough of them)
7 - Now Serving (this is a metal sign saying "now serving" and with numbers underneath you can change, perfect for shop decor)
JIAN :: Ferret Habitat (a large cage with three ferrets in it, which sort of twitch and you can change their fur colour) (see last picture)
#EMPIRE - Xylosma (sandals in 12 colours. For only 50 Linden!)

The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie Gacha (4 goes - got a malformed but cute kitty to hold, one to rez, and a pice of cake and dish of maccaroons with a cute kitty theme. These are obviously destined for the cat cafes)
Le Primitif - Fashion Office (what was this? I have no idea)
Nylon Outfitters - Cat Music Icons (times 3 - clever pictures of pop icons, as cats, in twirly frames)
Second Spaces - Bake Me a Cake (cooking utensil decor)
Mutresse - Witty Cats (a cat which looks perpetually about to pounce and wiggles its bottom, seen in last pic.)
Ariskea - Tropical Paradise (um, something, I'm sure since it's Ariskea it is cute, could be wooden sign in last pic.)
Sway's - [Atepa] Tipi (a small green tent, v well made)
O.M.E.N - My Pet Adventure Gacha (some sort of ornamental thingy)
Intrigue Co. - Carousel Cats (you wear it and you are sitting on a carousel cat, bobbing up and down PLUS you get a cute tiny rezzable ornament version)
Ingenue - Melisande Heels (shoes, green I think, Ingenue do beautiful shoes)

Yard sale
D-LAB+LIZAIL Peti - P Set 10 (a cartoony small penguin, and a small paddling pool)

!Go! shop
Mercy - tunic & boyfriends (a nice summer dress with linen trouser cuffs underneath, those are the boyfriends)

LaGalleria Prefab Houses
Seashell Planter w FERN
Starfish on Stand
Bird Yellow - touch song off/on(seen in last pic.)
(Free items from someone who makes large houses and upmarket furniture of the style you see in expensive but not boutique international hotels).

Gami gacha

Dimitrova went to this, but suppose have to accept that she was actually spending my money. There were some random bonus tokens, Dimi got one and she threw it in the machine thingy shown in the 2nd to last pic. A present came out - think it was earrings or a septum ring, or possibly both. Anyway Dimi is very street, so she wore the septum ring.

That just leaves the things that squeak. Firstly there's the cursed creations vendor above. Dimi was hoping to get Marshmellow, because that's her favourite cat in Neko Atsume,but ended up with Evil Spirit Fox Rare. Anyway, it squeaks when you touch it. She's pictured with an evil dark spirit lord who I presume is the proud father.

Now the mystery remains, what is the 2nd things which squeaks? Know that when started this blog post, definitely had 2 in mind, but am blowed if can remember which it is. Could be penguin. Could be ferret. For all I can remember, could be Seashell Planter w FERN. Unfortunately is no way to search through inventory for THINGS WHICH SQUEAK ON TOUCH (Linden Lab take note).

Note to self: buy more squeaky things.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The season of goodwill

Advent gifts collected: 3 (good: well, 2 of them were good)

Advent in SL is a time of rushing round gathering baubles and clicking frantically on giant advent calendars and/or parcels. Could in fact spend whole day going round trying to collect advent freebies of varying quality (with pompoms, stars, candles, mugs of hot chocolate, silly hats and ill-fitting skater dresses featuring prominently). In rare burst of altruism am sharing 3 lists of advent gift events, namely

Am restricting self to usual favouries i.e. Sways and Kittycats as both have decent prizes. For Sways you have to wander round sim spotting baubles representing each day of advent and clicking them to add to a HUD. Then you go to the parcel pile in the middle of the shopping mall and click on the parcel corresponding to today's date. You don't get the gift unless you found the bauble with that date on it.

Swayland is a pretty sim, and happily spent, um, well suppose it was about an hour in the end, going round (see 1st pic) and eventually finding all but 4 of the baubles. Inevitably, one of the missing ones was 1st Dec so will have to buy that gift if I want it. With Sways you have to get the gift ON THE DAY or pay.

Kittycats' advent calendar (see 2nd pic) is more forgiving - you can turn up on any day and get any of the previous day's gifts. Also, all you have to do is TP in and click the date, so easy-peasy (though correspondingly, less fun). In past years some gifts were for you and some for your kittycat.

So far have got pair of candles (Sways) and sparkley nails (Kittycats: there was also hair+eyes, but the hair was the wrong colour i.e. not blue, so junked it)

Ah! This is what Christmas is all about: frantically collecting piles of gifts, and then throwing some of them away.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Not writing; Christmas; Transmediation

No. blog posts written in digital writing month: 1 (bad); No of stories written in digital writing month: 0.5 (could be worse); No. of items on shopping list: 35 approx. (bad)
Have failed singularly to increase amount of Yoshikawa blogging during digital writing month, as month has flashed past oozing with teaching, family emergencies, storms, meetings and cute SL items that SIMPLY HAVE TO BE BOUGHT.
In fact had decided that thing wanted to do more of was not digital writing but uninterrupted sustained writing (USW), as in getting into flow of writing for a couple of hours so imagination can take wing and so forth. In fact managed about 1.5 hours of USW on train between London and Sheffield, so partial achievement. Have also peered through window at digital writing activities, so to speak. Would have been fun to join in, but v. time consuming. One digital writing challenge was doing something transmedia, and was pondering extent to which SL is transmedian in itself. Could argue that is just one environment, on other hand have sound, pictures and movement and can zip about between different locations and import things in and out of SL. Is probably substance for whole, dull, peer reviewed article in debating this.

Anyway, did find time for some Christmas shopping as deluge of cute Xmas cheer kicked in as soon as the pumpkins and scary Halloween skeletons had been collected up into inventory. Thought that might be able to limit Xmas expenditure by going through all the events and making up a shopping list in advance, so am not tempted to buy anything extra. However not sure that this will work, e.g. for Lost and Found event my initial advance list ran

Lost and Found
Kalopsia - sewing table, crackers box or present pile 90 Linden each
 plaaka - kitchen cupboard? Linden 300

Kalopsia and plaaka are familiar puveyors of cute things, and although cabinet was on expensive side, all the items on cabinet shelves are v. cool e.g. artisan japanese ceramic bowls and tea whisk.
When tp-ed to Lost and Found was still impressed by cabinet. Decided that already had enough piles of presents, but the crackers were nice and the sewing table reminded me of the old treadle sewing machine that we had when was young (though it has to be said that nostalgia has already led me to buy 2 different SL reproductions of this treadle sewing machine, however don't have table without machine, so obvious gap in inventory).1st pic shows me stoutly resisting urge to also buy decorated Xmas chair, watering can with artful bauble tree in it etc.
However was drawn inexorably to the display of boots by Deadwool. They are v. realistic all wrinkled leather and laces. Suffice it to say that they cost 450 Linden and am now wearing them with my new Go! dress and Atomic woollen legwarmers. All very boho.

Eye was also caught by SariSari upcycled Christmas tree, a snip at 299 Linden. Well, in fact not PARTICULARLY a snip, but v. well made.Was more charming than in advert and could immediately see it being an amusing conversation piece in my new Fallingwater House art gallery. In fact had thought it came with a nubbly cotton rug (see 2nd pic) which proved not to be the case, but  am not too disappointed.

Can see from this account that future does not look promising for list approach, since started out intending to spend max of 480 Linden and spent nearly that on unplanned boots. Oh well.

3rd pic shows me with the acquired consumer items. Am wearing boots but also have displayed one on top of cabinet.

So, this is the kind of thing I was doing instead of digital writing.

I must say, it seems pretty transmedia to me.

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