Sunday, 15 July 2007


Beverage makers purchased: 2 (good); Cake bought: 1 (good); Champagne bottles bought: 1 (good); Shelves put up: 1 (good)

In effort to make office friendly welcoming etc. etc. went in search of coffee and alcohol dispensers. When first came into SL could not really see point of food and drink but now realise is same as in RL to some extent i.e. it gives you something to talk about & do with your hands. Also giving of food and drink is welcoming ritual in many societies, I think ("discuss").

Anyway, suddenly felt that roof garden lacked certain something i.e. ready supply of drink. Did various searches on champagne and coffee and so forth. Firstly find small retro store with chillers of coca cola and budweiser but that seems rather American. Then find enormous caterers selling huge carts dispensing ice cream, vast barbecues, enormous picnic hampers and so forth. Spookily can walk through them so find myself in middle of hamburger grill which matches my hair (see last pic). All rather intimidating also would scarcely fit in office.

Finally happen upon wedding caterers ("Divivity"). Weddings must be big thing in SL. Anyway, this answers part of problem. Has various types of booze inc. champagne at only $99 Linden for bottle and (I hope) infinite glasses. For another 100 Linden get it in ice bucket but bucket is frankly bit vulgar for office, so just buy bottle.

Also lots of choc boxes for sale and consider those but in the end decide on Infinite Snickers Cake, also more reasonably priced. Complete spending spree by searching on coffee maker and find nice specialist shop selling various beverage makers, and buy coffee machine and smoothie blender.

Along the way have discovered that even with Mature switched Off, amazing what you find when searching on a word like Champagne.

Anyway, make little shelf and sign for coffee and cake in main office, then zip up to roof garden and install smoothie blender and champagne on a table which integrate into water feature. Thus all tastes catered for, hopefully, but if you want the alcohol you have to be sober enough initially to guide yourself up to the roof.

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