Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Talk, wine

No. of talks about SL given: 1 (g00d); No. of minutes spent trying to access SL unsuccessfully during talk: 20 (v. bad); No. of bottles of wine consumed by audience during said period: several (v. good)
Have discovered secret of successful SL presentation, namely alcohol consumption by audience. Yesterday gave talk about SL for Commercial Legal & Scientific information group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. Venue was smart lawyers office in central London. Powerpoint presentation went well except that laptop battery gave out towards end, resulting in blank screen, and after battery replaced attempts to access SL resulted in endless display of "SL may appear frozen" screen i.e. nothing was happening.
Whilst technicians were contacted etc. etc (not my laptop) audience took opportunity to consume wine and nibbles, and it is perhaps this fact that led to the jollity when did eventually get into SL and was able to display shop, island and also new friend Kitty (see pic) who happened to be inworld. At any rate was much exclaiming & happy questions and no-one saying "creepy" so perhaps will take along cases of wine to all future presentations.

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