Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Flaunting purchases

Wedding dresses flounced about in SL: 1 (good); New hair bought: 1 (good); Handbags bought in SL: 2 (bad)

This post is merely to show off arty pics of some of yesterday's purchases, namely one of the wedding dresses and the Ginny jacket.

Back view of wedding dress shows graceful train: am wearing the Magika Poufy hair, which is more elegant than name implies. This is in my new home (yet another one) which am preparing before selling up old land, since even I realise must consolidate purchases.

The other pic shows the Ginny jacket, worn with some new hair from Armidi, whence also came one of the new handbags. Had resisted bags up til now except for things like cute free ones in shape of fluffy kittens. Well, except for that briefcase, and the blue clutch bag, and .... at any rate have far fewer bags than do dresses. Problem with bags is that they disappear into one as soon as one sits down or otherwise animate oneself. Also are utterly pointless, but then what is point of new jacket or indeed clothes at all in SL. For who do see a point the necklace is from Yummy and the dress from Nyte'n'Day and am in Creators Pavilion sim which has Japanese shops and flats.

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