Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Conferences on immersive experiences to be attended: 1 (good, I hope); Stories written about immersive experience: 1 (OK); Sudden requests to facilitate SL/RL discussions: 1 (sudden)

Last year was given opportunity to sign up for RL conf on immersive learning experiences, immediately said yes please and then sort of forgot about it. Now conf is tomorrow and over last week have been learning more about it. Think had vaguely assumed conf would be packed with other immersive world enthusiasts and could thus indulge need to twitter endlessly about SL. However turns out immersive experiences can be practically anything.

All delegates asked to write Story About Immersive Experience, using Structured Headings. First reaction was somewhat negative in that feel that if going to write story then want to make up own headings. However then thought of using pics, and immediately this became a Project and so here is my story My Second Life on the immersive experience wiki: http://immersiveexperience.pbwiki.com/My+Second+Life

After putting this on wiki on Sunday was approached to host discussion on immersive learning in virtual worlds at conf on Thursday morning. Things then snowballed and am now probably hosting SL/RL session at 10am on Thurs (will confess that sort of refused to do anything at 8am when would be insensible even if awake), so after tidying up after today's discussion in SL (see next post) will need to set up for this. Probably foolish, but who could refuse opp to ensure access to SL whilst at a conference (answer: practically anyone ;-((

Conference includes dinner with integrated immersive exercise. Hope this will involve immersion in experience of fine dining rather than pretending to be trees in forest of life.

The first pic portays me immersed in one of the underwater doughnuts on Infolit iSchool with Leroy the fish. The second pic shows me semi-immersed in the bath in my Tang costume. The third pic show me immersed in experience of posing and preening in SL.

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