Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year

Calories consumed over festive period in SL: 0 (v. good); Calories consumed over festive period in RL: 1 trillion zillion (estimate) (v.v. bad); SL Friends met in RL: 1 (good)

Am struggling back into RL work mode after extended holiday us academics enjoy, as all uni buildings traditionally shut for c. 10 days and only those with strange experiments requiring constant access allowed to cross portals. Do not, though, (as some seem to think) only resume activity when students return and start making strange demands on ones time, namely lecturing, marking etc etc. Indeed Jan seems already month packed with various meetings, reports to be written etc etc, not to mention all stuff that was supposed to be done in 2007, ahem.

Have decided must make new year resolutions. This not normally something indulge in as generally reckon that if want to do something probably will and if don’t probably won’t. However this is doubtless defeatist attitude. One of resolutions will be to catch up on blog entries so will do a few of those whilst pondering remaining resolutions.
Although did not spend all festive SL time chasing freebie outfits (unlike Dimitrova) did pick up nice jewelery every day from Second Mirage, did a quick bit of treasure hunting in the Cherry Tokyo sim (my first garments were Cherry Tokyo kimonos so is nostalgia element here) and also dropped into House of Zen for fetching free Snowman kimono.
Thus am shown in first pic in Cherry Tokyo’s winter wonderland before unpacking goodies and in Second pic am on one of my properties, post unpacking, sporting Second Mirage jewelry plus the C Tokyo parasol and said wintertime kimono.

Suppose will have to start Taking Xmas trees, sparkly lights, skates etc. into inventory soon, but will wait for 12th night before doing so.
One interesting RL event was meeting Marilena, when she was visiting London. All v. exciting esp. as she treated me to tea in Liberty’s, one of my favourite shops in the RL world. This did not exactly decrease calorie intake, but Christmas comes but once a year, probably just as well.

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