Monday, 28 January 2008

I am on the feeds

No. of blog feeds I am added to: 2 (v. good); No. of hours wasted crafting entry for fashion blog: 2 (bad)

New feeds for Fashion and Life have been created. Have been wondering in aimless fashion how to get onto main SL fashion blog feed, so signed up with new feeds asap. Was v. excited to find yesterday that Dimitrova's blog had been added to fashion stream ( so immediately spent considerable time selecting outfit, posing, photoshopping, checking clothing details etc etc. all of which time should have been spent marking, writing peer reviewed papers, collecting data for annual review of learning and teaching and so forth.
Have now added Yoshikawa blog to lifestyle feed ( so suppose this will be first post to show up there. First pic shows screenshot of Dimitrova's blog in fashion feed, yay.
Am now determined to spend today doing proper work. However:
a) am actually giving RL talk in London tomorrow about "uses of SL", so every excuse to dip into SL;
b) have meeting with Maggie and Ishbel this pm in SL about our SL workshop at a RL conf. in March and
c) this evening is the regular educator's meeting in the Black Library (Hyperboria) - how could I miss that. (answer= easily)
Hmm. 2nd pic shows me and Ishbel in a pre-meeting last night i.e. she IMed me "are you busy" and I said "No".

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