Wednesday, 16 January 2008

They're having a sale

Unsuccessful attempts to teleport to Dazzle sim: 15 (bad); Successful tp to Dazzle: 1 (good); No. of outfits bought at Last Call sale in Dazzle: 10 (good, or bad, depending how you look on it)
Is closing down sale at Last Call, based on Dazzle sim, all v. sad as one of the RL people behind Last Call died in RL, however up side for consumers was everything in shop going for $L100. Whenever looked at Map of Dazzle could see green dots (=avatars) piled high in that and surrounding sim, and attempts to teleport ended with long silence followed by sad pinging sound indicating failure.
However eventually got into next door sim and pressed or rather oozed towards road separating it from Dazzle. Have been numerous fashion blog posts elsewhere advising people to take off all additional prims to reduce laginess, so had removed skirt, hair and animation override. I am bald purple avatar in these pics, which show generally lumpy grey nature of laggy world in Dazzle and neighbourhood.

Were red No Entry signs (which you cannot see in photo) along road, but know from experience that red lines do not go all the way up (thought most people knew this, but evidently not) so flew upwards until reached top and then over onto roof of Last Call shop. Hurrah. Was not sure how would then get INTO shop but in fact as was moving at tortuously slow place across roof somehow fell in.

Then was a matter of moving camera around, waiting for things to rez into visibility and then deciding whether or not this was the item I would forever regret not snapping up now. Of course as in RL when have made so much effort is strong temptation to see all items as essential and desirable which is how I ended up with lots more skirts, tops and glitch pants, not to mention 2 complete wedding gowns. If called upon suddenly to wed in SL will not be short of appropriate garb as already had about 3.

Once had collected booty went home and started trying them on and the rest of the pics show some of the outfits. Ah, vanity.
Title of this blog entry is reference to one of my favourite adverts ever, which saw in Australia. Cast consisted of First Man and John, who I think were RL salespeople.
First Man (entering cheap office set) "We're having a sale, John!"
John: (looking up, bemused) "Why?"
First Man (triumphantly) "Why not!!"
There followed alot of shouting about the wonderful bargains on offer - possibly lounge furniture.

Written down like that can see why it would not appear immediately enthralling but was one of those adverts that is so awful that you find yourself lingering around to see if it will come up again during the break. Or perhaps you never do that.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know Dazzle had closed down.
It was one of my fav shops.


How sad at that reason behind it.

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