Saturday, 12 January 2008

Home again

Cats rescued: 1 (several times)

Am back after immersion and please to be back in my own bed. Am seen on right sunk in unconsciousness. Didn't get much access to the web whilst away. In fact started blog entry on (un-networked) computer after first day, and will put that up next.
Meanwhile, Mitsy the cat appears to still have fatal attraction for water.

Dimitrova noticed that Mitsy was trapped in a puddle at the front of Sakura House, paddling folornly, so hastened over to rescue her.
Mitsy was v. pleased to see me. Kept her under observation for a while and emerges that sometimes she wanders over to the stairwell and tumbles down to floor below, then circles around and around until falls out of house and onto ground whence she is unable to return.
Then is just a matter of mewling piteously getting nearer and nearer to sea (obviously Took her before she did this and repositioned her upstairs, at which she purred; bless.)

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