Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Hobbit holes bought at great expense: 1 (good); Pieces of crunchy snow deleted: 15 (good); Christmas mansions deleted: 1 (good); Snow emitter Taken to inventory: 1 (good) (etc.)

Cleared snowy forum of snow, trees, Christmas mansion, assorted chairs, Christmas lights etc. etc. However have left snow in Texture on uplands and some wintery trees round the water garden.
All this prim-clearing however offset by grand splurge on new house, namely The Hobbiton, which had seen advertised (oddly) via the SL fashion blog aggregator. This is Hobbiton as resided in by Hobbits: basically only has one room so obviously not v. grand hobbits, but opens up all sorts of role playing possibilities: Gandalf, Frodo, Mount Doom etc etc.
Teleported earlier to demo house in evening and decided that was v. cute, but at 2000 Linden a little expensive and does the island need another residence? (answer = no)
However, later on North Lamar dropped by for pleasant chat, and when mentioned Hobbiton he suggested we go and look at it. Fortunately or not North agreed about cuteness which was excuse enough to click BUY and whisk it home to install it.
First pic shows me and North looking at demo house. 2nd pic shows Hobbiton on Infolit iSchool nestling cutely between the Fairy Bridge and the Water Garden.
P.S. For those of you concerned about the animated squirrel it is now back under the magic apple tree nearby.

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