Friday, 4 January 2008


Visits to student projects 2: (good); Information gained about coral reefs: some (good)

One of things that did whilst was too busy to blog properly per Christmas was to a) see some of work of students of North Lamar and colleagues, and b) visit students' Carbon Footprint project.

The environmental project consisted of, firstly a house in which info on all the dreadful ways in which we waste energy and so forth was built into exhibit, mostly in form of notecards and by means of sinister green clouds emitting from items that are particularly environmentally wicked.

This can be seen in 1st pic, in which there are dreadful eminations from the washing machine, basin and (perhaps most worryingly) toilet. Always approach these kinds of displays with slightly smug feeling in that do not possess car, washing machine, microwave or dish washer, however soon realise that all this cancelled out by excessive use of bath, central heating and foods brought from 4 corners of the world, so smugness banished.

Other exhibits were about Bad Effect of Man on different bits of world, and coral reef was specially effective in that had lots of information plus you can go in and wander round underwater with the fishes and the coral. Also the student guide had evidently swum with said coral in RL and so was able answer questions. In 2nd pic can see info and bleached/unbleached coral exhibit.

Final pic shows the Alley Flats project facilitated by North Lamar’s colleague. Had popped over to see him to discuss the talk he was giving (which will also blog shortly). In this project students built sim of RL area, which has been going upmarket to extent that original residents are finding it hard to stay there (increased taxes etc.). Build was for upmarket “green” residences which could be built on land to be sold or rented by old-time residents and apparently RL planners are using student designs in RL Alley Flats. Seemed v. cool. Again different features had embedded notecards giving info.

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