Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Goggles, office, hair, skirts

Cats bought: 1 (good); Hair bought: 2 (bad); Offices visited: 1 (good); Valentine freebies collected: 4 (good); Land sold: 1024 sq m (v. good); Skirts lost from inventory: 3 (bad)

Had big inventory problems last week. At one point all objects in Object folder (i.e. lots) disappeared, as did all landmarks not already in folders and several skirts including favourite scripted skirt from Nyte 'n Day. Tried not to panic and fortunately all objects and landmarks reappeared (though not skirts). Have learnt nothing as all good intentions to sort unsorted Objects properly into folders evaporated immediately I had the Objects back.

When not hunting valentine day freebies have been purchasing more hair. In fact only intended to buy one set of hair, but found afterwards that had inadvertantly bought proper version of one type of hair (in green) when thought was buying demo for 1 Linden. Did not notice Lindens leaking away as have managed to sell part of my land and so am flush with Lindens.

This is not a healthy state since am swiftly running through them. Have been toying with idea of buying another cat, and so visited Zooby's where was intrigued by Held Cats and bought one in black. Is strange sculpty creature with googling eyes, so have decided to call him Goggles.
Googles looks quite cute when am standing still as cat appears to animate me into stroking movements. However when move about or sit in chair with its own animation poor Goggles simply flops about on the end of my arm or disappears into some portion of my anatomy as I stretch and fidget. So in fact is also an amusing talking point, which can't be bad. The triptych show various perspectives on Goggles, including Goggles doing fearless freefall without parachute with me (on a visit to an island which houses new office of Flower, a Friend who comes to some of my discussion sessions, see middle pic). The last pic is a "spot the Goggles" item.

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