Monday, 7 January 2008

Spending spree

Pianos bought: 1 (good); Carpets bought: 2 (good); Morrocan lamps bought: 2 (good); Small palaces bought and converted to charming woodland folly: 1 (v. good); Callie Cline bean chairs bought: 4 (good); Callie Cline chairs lost somewhere underground whilst positioning: 1 (v. bad)

As can see from above list am making up for lost shopping time in SL and currently all shopping seems good shopping to me. Have not even included clothes purchased in above list e.g. Japanese schoolgirl outfit (as seen in pics) including shoes and 2 poses, and Empress Tang costume (in blue) which cost more than either palace or piano but is v. sumptuous.

Had planned over Xmas to buy piano and hope will be happy with purchase: is upright as that fitted better in house and more to point was less than half price of grand piano. Both have same set of music e.g. Beethoven Moonlight (extract), Gymnopedie, Scott Joplin, plus something by maker of piano (I think) which am sure is v. delightful.

Unfortunately music kicks in some time after click keyboard and select work, and also continues for while after have left the instrument, but precise realism not name of game. Also notice that fingers some way short of keys which might be graver problem in RL.

Am setting up Cosy Home in a town house manufactured by Ingrid Ingersoll, which have placed wittily above beach with boardwalk and steep sand dune behind which is where chair disappeared when attempting to manipulate it into place by crackling fire. Am sure have read that one can make terrain invisible and retrieve objects which have zoomed off out of control but perhaps this is a setting for regions and this occurred on my private land so obviously do not own whole sim.

Tried changing various settings in own Preferences with zero effect, and also tried Lowering land, but to no avail. At least chair is only 3 prims and only cost 98 Linden to start with.

In another part of same parcel of land Unlinked some bits of the Petite Castle (manuf. October Rust and cost $L750, one of new year resolutions is to be bit more informative in blog) and detached and/or clicked bits away, so now rises in tasteful semi-ruin with pleasing area on top surrounded by leafy branches. Am shown here from a distance and also (in Tang gown) close up. Would emphasise that this semi-ruin was deliberate unlike usual semi-ruin of houses e.g. when discover have accidently unlinked whole caboodle before have got properly in place and bits go everywhere. Is always a bit of window that you overlook deleting and notice weeks later floating in air.

The very first pic shows me reading in relaxed fashion with bit of ruined castle just visible in background. Can see that have retained sparkly lights post-Christmas, although have Taken or Deleted Xmas trees. Is still dark and gloomy in RL weather-wise so need a bit of sparkle.

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