Friday, 18 January 2008


Discussion chat sessions edited and mounted online: 2 (good); Chat sessions to be edited: 1 (bad); No. of blog posting written about immersion: 0 (bad)

Today hosted discussion session in Sakura House, with Maggie Kohime (shown here) leading discussion. Topic was assessment for information literacy so have blogged about it here
and full chat transcript is at Is always relief when someone else is leading discussion so I could concentrate in helping people catch up if they arrived late etc. though in fact you will see from transcript that I ended up saying rather a lot too.
Discussion was held in Sakura House (see 2nd pic) which had previously purged of Mitsies (the cat), having discovered that not only was she falling in puddles but also had been crawling under house and getting stuck. Was alerted to this when had removed her from office prior to meeting but still heard meaow and finally discovered two wedged Mitsies underneath the floor. Considering she was bought for cuteness she is being a suprising source of Spooky.

Another achievement was finally mounting chat log (+ poster with updated notecard etc.) on Ishbel's talk about ideas from the online 2008 conference. This was the discussion that was postponed because first time round there was No Second Life and it was rescheduled to 17 December (see 3rd pic). That chat is here and there is an entry on the information literacy blog about it at

However still leaves North Lamar's excellent session to write up, and all my Immersive Experiences, including the SL part. All can say is Argh, must do better.

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