Thursday, 24 January 2008


Leather trousers purchased: 1 pair (good); No. of time term "leather trousers" used in this post: 4 (or 5 including this one)
This post prompted by way in which found self describing clothes worn yesterday, namely "leather trousers". Suddenly realised that am so much beyond idea of avatar clothes as mere prims and pixels that in case of this garment actually went searching for "leather trousers" (specifically, searching blog of fashionista Michami with said terms) and after purchase felt satisfied that was now in possession of "leather trousers".

Is common for designers to launch new line in terms such as following "This classic gown has a full skirt of finest moire silk, speckled with glittering sequins, and a generous ruffle at the hem, the bodice is in toning silk velvet with chiffon garlanding the neckline and the deep sleeves are also ruffled with delicate lace."

On reading this, response would tend to be "Whoa, way too many ruffles!" or "Why isn't she doing this with a scripted skirt" or "I want it! Now!" rather than, say, "Silk? Velvet? Chiffon? What is this, it's all pixels!".

Is this wrong? (Discuss)

Am here depicted (in Fleur sim) wearing shimmering raw silk skirt with delicate golden coins sewn into the hemline. This is complemented by a lycra and silk-cotton top, and a necklace crafted from gold and a real peacock feather. Yay.

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