Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Research in SL

Meetings held in SL: 1 (good)

Latest meeting organised in SL (today) was on Samples and sampling in Second Life research. The transcript of the session is at http://sleeds.org/chatlog/?c=214. Oshun Akina had suggested the topic at the last meeting on research that we had, and she led the discussion. It is a pic of her at the start of this post. I produced the notecard and did practical things like trying to teleport in people who wanted to come along (and, generally, failed in this task, I blame Linden Labs).

I thought the discussion was interesting with useful points made, though as usual as many questions as answers. People were able to contribute some experience, including someone who's been carrying out commercial research. There is always a lot of discussion about the extent to which RL and SL are/have to be linked: identity and so forth.

After the discussion some people stayed on and we chatted on about avatar identity etc etc. Poot also showed us a range of her avatars which was entertaining. Makes me feel rather unambitious in that stick with one shape/skin. In fact need to find out how to save shape as is my own customisation and have horrible feeling would have to start from scratch if by mistake I Wore another one.

Realise that haven't yet put up info on the LAST 2 discussions (held just before Christmas). Oh horror. Will catch up when come back from being Immersed.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could have attended this session Shelia. The last few weeks Bluewave Ogee and I have held 20 one hour interviews in SL and two focus group. It was a very interesting experience becasue during the interviews which were done in text chat, Bluewave and I were able to IM each other comments and suggest followup questions. While the focus groups were occuring participants were IMing us comments about other peoples comments. I would have loved to hear other's experiences and their solutions or advice. Thanks for these sessions : )
North lamar

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