Sunday, 6 January 2008

Dancing, parcel

Strange free houses collected: 1 (odd); Dancing bunny shoes collected: 1 pair (good)

Two of odder seasonal freebies collected before Christmas were the Xmas Parcel House and the Dancing bunny shoes. Christmas Parcel House sounded quite promising in theory and indeed could not be faulted in terms of size. However as can be seen from pic when unpacked house proved to have sinister nightmare quality much as if had in RL decided to paper entire house walls, ceiling and floor in v.v. cheap and nasty wrapping paper, type that is left in huge rolls in bargain bin and who can wonder why. Did include window through which could look into happy world beyond free of laughing snowmen and skating penguins (as usual click on thumbnail here to see full sized horror of this pic.).

Still, have kept in inventory since never know when might be called upon to create Xmas landscape for someone who I really, really don’t like.

Bunny slippers more fun in that a) are slippers with bunny elements, enough said, and b) have dancing animation in them.

This is not costume in which would be seen leading discussion on information literacy, obviously, but could come in useful at lighthearted social event, should I ever go to any.

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