Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Xmas celebrated: 1 (good)

My first Christmas, during which my Second Life is somewhat rationed, although with the weeks of crunchy snow, revolving coloured Xmas trees, open fires, twinkly lights and freebie clothes (lots) already enjoyed this does not seem like such a loss.

Here is a pic of me wearing antlers which are just one of the things you get from free Christmas stocking (as clutched in arms in pic) from Schadenfreude, the shop which is just round the corner from mine. Also wearing Demon hair (in purple) which was gift harvested from tree in last pic, I believe.

In second pic you see Ishbel (right) and me enjoying contents of Divivty (not free) Christmas crackers i.e. in particular Hats, which unfortunately completely replaced Hair, but I suppose that is just one of the merry penalties of Xmas fun.

Benefit of SL crackers is that you can pull them as many times as you like and they still go Pop. We are also holding jolly Xmas lollipops from crackers, sitting in the snowy platform after Ishbel had done her Discussion

Final pic is one characteristic of Xmas season, namely scrabbling to harvest gift from tree in Mau's (home of nice Undine hair also). Since most of time recently has been spent sim-hopping in search of Xmas booty it is hard to remember where particular booty came from. Hey ho, now have enough seasonal earrings (snowmen, xmas trees etc.) to wear different one each day of week.

Anyway, Christmas cheer to all from Sheila Yoshikawa

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