Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Computer crashes: 2 (bad); Emails received from Group Members: 4 (good); trips down waterslide: 2 (good).

Log into Gmail account and find 3 Group members have replied to IM. Am v. pleased, as 4th Group member (HD) had replied to RL email albeit somewhat cryptically, not surprisingly since HD still in limbo on Orientation Island and RL version of HD cannot access SL until techies come to connect new cool Mac Powerbook. Meeting with 2 members of group next week looks possibility. All getting rather serious.

Celebrate with trip to waterslide in Bedfordia, admire effect of new kimono wooshing into water, also pose beside Bird of Pardise flowers, v. colourful yet cool (see pic). Have spent longer than intended since one of the earlier computer crashes appears to have locked self out of University server where all files are stored. This means cannot finish urgent and important tasks before morrow, should benefit by claiming early night, but instead drawn into more procrastinating in SL.

Decide to visit Cybrary Island where had unfortunate grey lumpy naked avatar experience when meeting PB. All now normal as v. few people about. Visit UCD library, watch Sky News (same nonsense as on RL news), fill in questionnaire. Am asked when visit SL. Does not have option "Whenever require displacement activity to avoid difficult and boring tasks" (i.e. v. often), so click "ignore question". Also visit Special Libraries House, a little sparsely furnished. Find grander building and pose in armchair (see pic)

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