Wednesday, 16 May 2007

I visit 2 universities

Universities visited: 2 (or 3 if count one I am in); Hours spent in SL: 2 and a half (v. bad); Items marked in RL: 1 (v.v. bad); Dances performed in SL: 1 (v. odd)
5 hours downtime in SL but finally teleported in and it seems that did not have to wait til 2am for San Jose State University opening. Lurked at edge of crowd. As bad as networking at conferences in RL, except do not usually have sign
B5 Fan
Sheila Yoshikawa

floating over head. Joined B5 fan and UK Educators groups, plus obviously belong to Information Literacy group, but SL only wants to display B5 fan. So am branded as sci-fi nerd. Perhaps is alphabetical order (in which case should have called my group *!*Information Literacy to get it to top of display) perhaps creators of SL are Babylon 5 fans too.

Everyone is v. quiet with occasional Chats from someone called "Sloodle admin" and eventually grasp that everyone else is watching some sort of transmission on big screen which I can't see as have no Quicktime. Find Quicktime on web and try to install. Success. See transmission but pretty dull as you can see from first pic. Apparently lucky to get onto Island as dull Sloodle vid v. popular and some avatars in "Stack heap collision", perhaps like M25.

Is then call for SJSU library grad students to become guides in SL. They get credits for this. Sounds rather dossy to me and not matching the rigours of the UK credit system (ahem). Someone says there are 1800 students in the faculty. Did not think that many library students in the world. Anyway all interesting stuff, but not quite as radical as expected, or perhaps just disappointed ego because people don't go, wow you're from the UK, it must be v. late where you are.

Try dance animation and eventually find out how to stop. Hear that there are fireworks and free drinks at 2am, so perhaps worth going back.

Teleport to Hertfordhire Uni. Had heard about campus via discussion list in RL. Campus deserted, bit spooky frankly, but take pic (see right) and leave message on pin board saying "Hi from Sheila Yoshikawa". SL is increasing my communication skills no end.

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