Sunday, 3 June 2007

5 good things about SL

Trips into SL: 0 (good or bad? Not sure)

Am away from SL computer* for a few days, no chance to buy kimono or generate nice SL pic. Use time to ponder benefits of SL over RL.
1) Not only no need for handbag, but can transport entire wardrobe invisibly all the time. No more "I forgot to bring the right shoes" crises!
2) Instant transportation! Goodbye to overpacked rail carriages, trying to enjoy weak cappucino from overpriced Pumpkin cafe & delays from leaves on the line.** ***
3) No queues for ladies toilets, indeed no need for facilities at all.
4) Can fly. V. cool.
5) Price of kimono less than that of M&S prawn sandwich.

*Do use computer for other things too.
** In RL don't drive.
*** or delays caused by Planned Engineering Works, Signal Failure, Mechanical Failure, Points Failure or Person on the Line.

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