Thursday, 17 May 2007

And I'm only 13 days old

Hours spent talking about SL: 1; RL people given tour of SL: 1; No. of items marked in RL: 2 (could do a lot better)

Is getting to point where SL taking up more time than 1st one. At lunch consuming mediocre sausage & mash in uni pub answering Qs on SL on basis of 13 days experience. So evidently like dog years, but instead of one human year = 7 dog years, it's one SL day= one RL year.
Have asked cool person PB to be my friend in SL. PB has same name in SL as RL. Did he bribe Linden Labs to get this? Must ask, if friendship accepted. Have also been emailed by complete stranger, MB, who was at same RL symposium as me last week. MB has suggested meeting in SL.
Gosh, my social life is really taking off. Down side is that RL inbox clogged up with RL people concerned that I haven't answered their emails.
PHOTO: Me chilling during the SJSU opening. There was a ball labeled "Chill" that you clicked on.

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