Monday, 28 May 2007

People start Grouping

Upgrades of SL: 1 (bad); People joining Group: 3 (good! I think); Calories consumed in SL: 0 (good); Calories consumed in RL over holiday period: More than care to mention (v. bad)

Am away for only 4 days and return to find that SL already has another upgrade, namely 1.16.0(6). Evidently in intervening 4 days have missed upgrades 1.16.0(2) - 1.16.0(5), frankly just as well. If had normal PC at work (where would have no Admin rights) rather than docked laptop (where can download what rubbish I like*) would spend more time asking technical support to upgrade SL than would spend in SL.

Check Information Literacy Group and find 3 unknown people have joined it. Cripes! Immediately feel responsibility as Group Owner to start organising virtual events. Perhaps a picnic in Bedfordia could be a start.

PHOTO: I hover above a pet shop. When I have somewhere to keep it I will get a cat.

* Rubbish which is within the University's Acceptable Use Guidelines, I hasten to add.

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