Friday, 18 May 2007

Pleasant encounter

Meetings in SL: 2 (good); SL Discos experienced: 1 (good, sort of); Cool designers encountered: 1.

At 1pm meet MB in Bedfordia. Bit awkward to start with. Chat comes up on screen, so does it matter if aren't facing companion? Sort of feels odd if don't. Flew to beach. Discovered that following-flying-person-skills need improvement, at times spinning round in sky thinking "where is he".

Lounge on beach in cool chairs. Learnt that place built by Dutch woman, YG. YG "in world" so flew off to her house v. nice beach views and greenery (see pic.). Also joined by WDP. Pleasant chat, feel more relaxed, hey these are nice people and we are all SO COOL, esp. YG. Have to get used to out of synch dialogue. By time have replied to comment A, someone has already made comment B. One trick seems to be to do several short chats, not great long sentences.

WDP shows me more places including disco. Get there by transporter. Coolness seriously impaired by inability to operate same.
WDP ":if you right click on the transporter"
WDP ":when it says sit, wait a mo and it'll send you"
WDP":it's a bit troublesome :)"
Me ": um I'm sitting ;-))"

WDP obviously being kind, but we get there in end. Dance in disco (forgot to take photo, curses). Say goodbye to WDP as Friend PB is IN WORLD and I transport off to the Cybrary.

Have not taken pic of cybrary as when arrived basically all people except self looked naked i.e. lumpy and grey with no clothes. Assumed not in etiquette to take photo of inadvertently naked avatars. Must be glitch, apparently I looked naked and grey to others except for blue hair. Bit of random chat with PB then off to RL meeting in RL. In RL meeting no beach, no palm tress, no disco, no naked avatars. Hmmm, bit dull really.


Vicki Cormie said...

I can't remember the last time I have laughed so much on a Monday morning at work! Brilliant blog. I turned up (naked) too for the meeting but unfortunately got the wrong time and couldn't find anyone. It may just be that I haven't a clue how to find people....

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Thank you! I managed to find Phil because he is now my Friend and he was able to transport me to his location (somehow)

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