Thursday, 17 May 2007

My favourite university so far

Items marked in RL: 8 (good); Hours spent in SL: 1 (fairly good); Waterslides experienced: 1 (good); All good! a first.

Travelled to Bedfordia (University of Bedford) as per RL email of MB. Decided that prefer University of Bedford to University of Hertfordshire as latter looked just like a late 20th century university building with no people in it, and former has palm trees, sun logia, swimming pool and waterslide. No contest, frankly. Only point of criticism was possible overuse of decking.

PB has accepted friendship and possible meeting in SL may follow tomorrow. Think will need good night's sleep to cope with excitement of meeting up with person from RL. Pondered today how have gone into SL and immediately seem to be recreating 1st life. Not sure whether this is good thing.
PHOTOS: the delights of Bedfordia.


Anonymous said...

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Hi - will admit that Hertforshire campus look more attractive in some of these pics, and wiki entry is useful ;-)

However, I do still think that Bedfordia looks more exciting as a learning space.

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