Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Shopping in SL

Kimono bought:1. Group set up: 1. Calories in SL: still 0! (v. good) Marking done in RL: 0 (v.v. bad)

Since AF still myteriously silent decided to TAKE ACTION and make mark in SL. Searched Groups for Information Literacy. Not there! See immediate Yoshikawa branding opportunity & try to set one up. Requires 100 Linden dollars, so quick treck to SL website and a mere 10 mins later have given all credit card details to SL computer which will doubtless squoosh them up and transmit to all dodgy businesses in metaverse.

However means I can pay the 100 Linden dollars (about 20p) for group. Hurrah! Will simply sit back and wait for hoards of people to join it. In meantime need to use up remaining 900 Linden dollars and go on shopping spree. Search SILK and decide this not right word unless want to make different kind of new friend.

End up buying kimono: curious business in that appear to purchase entire hoarding. Zoom away swiftly from shop as couple behind me appear not interested in kimono. Gosh, either people seem not at all friendly, or rather too. Unpack kimono, wear, admire self, take photo (see above). This could be addictive. And so cheap!

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