Wednesday, 16 May 2007

I have a friend

Friendships accepted: 1 (good) Items marked in RL: 2. Items marked in RL and mistakenly put in waste basket at home: 1 (bad)

AF has accepted friendship! Received email from SL this morning. Not sure about next move. In fact don't really need new friends since old friends in RL seem to spend all their time complaining I don't contact them. Obvious danger of being dysfunctional in 2 worlds in friends department.

Big decision today is whether to attend opening reception for San Jose University campus, site of unfortunate Lost Textures incident. Big minus is that it starts 6pm SL time which is 2am here. Plus factor would be showing off new kimono, and getting free virtual drinks. Biggest plus of all is ability to teleport away from dull conversations, unlike RL . Way in which people's names hover over their heads in SL also enormous advantage. Having people's names hover them in RL at conferences would be a Lesson Learned from SL IMHO.
PHOTO: An old one of me on Info Island.

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