Monday, 28 May 2007


Items returned: 2 (bad). Notices created: 1 (good) Fans bought: 1 (good, eventually).

Receive emails:
1) "Your object 'AS Kimono Crane copy' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Desideria Stockton from parcel 'Eduisland II' at Eduisland II 156.437, 197.137 due to parcel owner return."
2) "Your object 'Object' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Jeremy Kabumpo from parcel 'SJSU's School of Library & Information Sciences' at SJSU SLIS 106.139, 122.063 due to parcel owner return"

Worrying. Did not even think had dropped objects. Is there hole in my inventory? And what is object "Object"? Opens up disturbing philosophical debate, platonic ideal of Objectness. Or perhaps it is the One Object that joins them all and in the darkness binds them. Think am suffering from object overload, so boot into SL to make sure kimonos are all present and correct.

Hurrah, kimonos still in inventory. Celebrate by buying matching fan. Have to visit 3 locations before can unpack it. Baffling. Waste 40 mins taking photos, inc. rebooting twice after crashes (see pic, have swapped usual Bunny Hat for headband so fan can be seen to full advantage beneath cherry blossom). Work out that object "Object" may be result of half-hearted attempt to Create. Got as far as seeing strange multicoloured grid and paniced. Memo to self: be more careful where attempt Creation.
Check groups. Decide to send Notice to Group, namely "Hi! There are now a few members of the Information Literacy Group. Would it be possible to have a meeting sometime in SL? Is there a good time of day, for example on the 6th or 7th of June? Please specifiy which RL time zone you are in. You can email me at" Hope this is not too forward, as not really sure what function of Notices is. Perhaps would be better setting up group for Kimono and Cat lovers.

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This post is very objective.

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